5 Reasons Why We LOVE Experience Early Learning

Homeschooling multiple ages can be tough. Especially when one of the children is an extroverted 3 year old little boy. We started our new school year for my eldest a few weeks ago. Being by himself sounds like a punishment to my 3 year old, so we have to find ways to include him while I am working with my daughter. Thank goodness for our little Experience Early Learning box.

Here are some of my top reasons on why I love this box.

Daily Discovery Bags make pulling out activities easy.

The daily discovery bag has just about EVERYTHING I need to get multiple activities ready for my preschooler. I might need to add a few supplies like crayons, paint, or even a blanket but all those things are in stock at our home.

The activities are hands on.

While my eldest is working on math, I can get a math activity ready that is perfect for my son to do in the same room. For example, Experience Early Learning sent us an assortment of foam shapes this month. I added a little water and some tweezers, and he now has a fine motor skill game and sorting activity he can do while I teach my girl. At one point I had to drag her away from his little game so she could finish her math, lol.

Invitations to Create!

In a world of Pinterest, it’s so easy to want to make things look like the photo, but when we do that all the time especially with littles, we lose and are not fostering creativity. Creativity comes through experimentation and following one’s own ideas. They might be inspired by the picture, but the goal is to make one’s own, not a replica of the picture.

This is why I LOVE INVITATIONS TO CREATE. Experience Early Learning provides some amazing quality prints of famous works of art or photos of beautiful items in nature or everyday life. Here my kids are being exposed to Monet’s Water Lilies! These photos not only inspire my kids artwork, but help them see beauty in the things around them in everyday life.

STEAM Stations… everyday!

We do not get to the steam stations everyday, but I love that I have 20 ideas from which to choose. These STEAM stations include Dramatic Play, Blocks, Science and Nature, Sensory play, and Outside Discovery. Our STEAM Stations and Invitations to Create may be geared toward preschoolers, but my elementary aged kiddo NEVER wants to miss out on these activities. A few of our favorite STEAM Stations are linked below:

The monthly booklist has fantastic suggestions.

As a stay at home mom with my first child, I had no idea on where to look for great books for my child. Yes, the library is filled, but how do I know which books to choose? I love that Experience Early Learning has a booklist with 20 different recommendations. Once I learned about these book suggestions, I wanted to share it with the world and so I wrote wrote a post about Creating a Preschool Library at Home and Preparing for a New Preschool Unit. Some of our most beloved books came from our EEL Suggested Book Lists like:

These are just 5 reasons why I love our monthly Experience Early Learning box, and it is just the tip of the iceberg! If you have any questions about this amazing program, just post them below. We have been using it for over 4 years now and will continue as my son grows in these early years.

Happy Learning friends!

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