File Folder Games with Mother Goose Time

Hi, my name is Leslie and I am a former public school educator (8 years).
Currently, I home school our little preschooler, Avaleigh, who is 3.5 years old using 
Mother Goose Time– a prepackaged curriculum unit study for preschoolers.
The quality of the things we receieve are TOP NOTCH and as a teacher, I REALLY struggle in throwing this stuff away when were are done. But my house just can not handle keeping all the stuff.
There are some things we get every month though that I do keep- one of those being the 
I turn these into file folder games and store them in a filing crate.
Here’s how I do it:
First I find out where the board game is using the Supplied Core Tools list and dig it out of the box, and then I get the supplies I need: a file folder, small snack bag, pieces, and glue.

First I open the snack bag and staple it to the back of the file folder.  This allows the bag to open completely and makes storing the pieces easy.
Then, I glue the game board to the inside.  I like to do this with the file folder almost closed that way the middle creases line up and there are no air pockets.

Then I look at the lesson and read through the directions on how to play together. 
I also look at the learning goals that are listed underneath the title.  In this case the goals are:
Patters and Sorting 18.2
Self-Direction 2.2
I then look at the back of my Teacher Guide and see what exactly are the expectations.
Self-direction 2.2 is about maintaining attention and repeating an activity until success.

Pattern and Sorting 18.2 is about matching, sorting and charting. 
During the game the child is expected to match colors.

I write these goals and expectations on the front of my file folder, and write the title of the game and whether it is Math or Reading related.  

Now if Avaleigh needs help in a certain area, I can easily find the game to help reinforce those skills.
If I had a class, I would let parents check these games out and play them at home with their preschoolers.  As an educator, you do not just educate the child, but also the parent.  Parents want to help their kids, but some just don’t know what to do or where to begin.  As a teacher, you can assess the needs of the child and equip the parent at home with games that the child is already familiar with.    Mother Goose Time makes it possible to share the fun of learning at home- 
creating fun memories in the process.
A win win for everyone.
And all I had to do was glue it in a folder.
Happy Learning friends!

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