Invitation to Create: Blow Painting

Superheroes can have all sorts of superpowers. Some can fly, or be invisible, have X-ray vision- or even super power breath…. just hope and pray they brushed first, lol!

We are learning all about Superheroes this month with our Experience Early Learning summer box and it has been so much fun! The kids have loved getting dressed up, running around and dancing to the music from the CD, and our Invitations to Create have been fantastic.

As an Experience Early Learning (EEL) Blogger, I receive the EEL Preschool Curriculum in exchange for my honest opinions and authentic stories about our experiences using the curriculum. All opinions and thoughts are completely my own.

Today we learned about Super Breath and the power of wind. We first observed a photograph of a field being blown in the wind. It was beautiful with all its yellows, greens, and specks of purple.

EEL sent us light blue cardstock, straws, and the inspiring photo. All I added was trays (a must in the classroom), watery fingerpaint, and some tape to hold down their work from the kids’ super powerful breath!

I wanted our paint to be a little thicker than watercolors, so I chose to water down fingerpaints, but you could water down tempera paints as well. Acrylics will stain your kids’ clothing, and I would not use them at all with preschoolers.

Remember, it is all about the process and not the end product. Let the kids have fun. Sometimes the kids blew through the straw. Sometimes they blew right on the paper. Sometimes they used the straw as a paintbrush and made marks that way.

There did come a point when my girl wanted to run her fingers through the wet paint on her paper, and I knew that the process and experimentation of blowing with paint would be lost. I stopped her from painting with her fingers on her painting and told her that this was a painting just using a straw and her breath and if she wanted to fingerpaint she could after she finished experimenting with the blow painting.

I didn’t want to stifle her lead; however I know my kiddo and I know sometimes she just needs to spend a little longer with a concept before switching gears. That is the great thing about homeschooling. She could still fingerpaint, but this painting was about the process of painting with our breath and with a straw. When she declared that she was done, I offered her another piece of paper to finger paint with which she gladly accepted.

We had a few friends over this morning and this was such a simple project that you could do with a group and not feel overwhelmed. We only used 2 colors, there was no water or paper towels to dry off with, and the kids took turns with their partner switching cups of paint so they were only using one straw and one color at a time.

I love how I can pull activities like this from a the EEL box and go. I can share and make fun memories not only with my kids, but their friends who come to play. And I am all about that.

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