Learning all about Snow Leopards

Our Ice Castle box from Experience Early Learning has been loaded with awesome learning adventures and Snow Leopard day did not disappoint!


I love to start our day of learning with a book or video or even both! We watched this YouTube video and learned all sorts of facts about Snow Leopards including that they can jump 50 feet! We ended up going outside and measuring 50 feet… have you seen what 50 feet actually looks like and imagining a giant Snow Leopard leaping that far? Yall. It. Is. Far! The kids worked on leaping like leopards and measuring their leaps.

kids measuring leaps with tape measure
We taped where they leaped to and then used measuring tape to measure their leaps.


We read through several animals books about Snow Leopards, but the kids loved searching for the snow leopards on our Usborne Great Animals Search book.

Usborne Great Animal Search

Our letter for the day was P which was perfect since Snow Leopards are covered with Polka dots. Experience Early Learning sent us these perfect P coloring sheets and suggested we use colors that start with P… so pink and purple were the only colors on the table. My teacher guide also suggested for the letter P to be covered with polka dots. In order to for the kiddos to work on their fine motor skills, my 3 year old worked on punching out polka dots while my 6 year old traced circles, cut them out, and then made a pattern to glue onto the the letter P.


Through out reading, we learned that Snow Leopards are native to the Himalayan Mountains which run through China. We found China on our large world map and then read about Christmas in China in our Treasury of Christmas Stories during our afternoon Poetry Tea Time.


Experience Early Learning sent us an Invitation to Create our own snow leopard. They sent us a color photograph of a snow leopard and suggested we cut it in half . Then the kids could pick one side to keep and draw the other half. This was great practice for my 3 year old to work on his cutting skills. He is always looking for something to cut… I am always praying it’s not his finger! His artwork consisted of drawing straight lines for legs and a tail. My 6 year old loves to draw animals, and when she was done drawing the back half of her snow leopard, she decided to draw the front half on another sheet. She added babies… naturally, lol!

Loving Learning

What I loved most is how my kids continued to talk about Snow Leopards all day. They used great vocabulary when they spoke like using the word leap instead of jump. “Watch me leap, Momma!” They played all day pretending to be snow leopards and when the learning captivates the imagination you know that it is really resonating in their minds. Thats what I want for my kiddos…. a true love of learning.

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