Old MacDonald-NEW Version

If you are new to the blog, welcome! I am Leslie, a former public school teacher turned homeschoolin’ momma to my two youngsters, a 5 year old daughter and almost 2 year old son. I hope what I share here inspires you to have fun learning with the children in your life!

This month we have been studying all about the Farm with our monthly box from Experience Preschool. What is Farm study without singing Old MacDonald?!

We read tons of books, and I love how we get a new book each month in our box from Experience Preschool. This month the book is Old MacDonald Has a Farm but wait! It is NOT the normal version you and I grew up with, and its new features are ones I simply adore! All animals love Old MacDonald, and they come from far and wide to join his farm.

“Monkey. A monkey? It’s okay. You can stay…. Old MacDonald has a farm where everyone belongs.”

Old MacDonald stickers

Having this book allowed my Kindergartener to practice pointing to words while she read (even if she was from memory), and it allowed my toddler son to practice matching the animals in the book to the stickers that were provided from Experience Preschool as well.

He had so much fun placing his stickers on construction paper. When he had finished his creation, he asked for more stickers. Good thing I had 2 sets of stickers and sister didn’t mind sharing her set with her brother. She is so good with him.

This book was much requested throughout the entire day- long after we had used all the stickers. I love that they learned TOGETHER and that SHE led his learning after watching me work with him.

Need more Farm theme ideas? Check out what my girl and I did a few years ago.

What do you think of this little book? What are some ideas you have about exploring Old MacDonald with littles?

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