A to Zoo Field Trip

Hi! I’m Leslie- a homeschooling momma to an almost 5 year old girl and 18 month old boy.  The 2 are as different as night and day.  I share our adventures here to both inspire learning at home and chronicle our lives, because honestly, I never started the baby books and my kids will just have to look back on their childhood through this blog… ha! #keepinitreal

A few months ago my husband and I came to the realization that we hardly did any adventures as a family.  Yes we had fun at home, but asking us to get in the car and go somewhere made us both break out in a sweat.  You see, my son is not a great car rider.  However, we came to the conclusion that once a month, we would go on a family adventure.  It didn’t have to be far and we didn’t need to spend any money, but we were to be intentional about doing something together as a family and create lasting memories with our kids.

Our Mother Goose Time theme this month is A to Zoo which inspired us to head to our local zoo (about 30 mins away) and see what the animals were up to.  MGT sent us beautiful Animal Alphabet Cards ,and although we didn’t have most of these animals at our local zoo, we did have some!
F is for Flamingo
P is for Porcupine 
G is for Galapagos Tortoise

C is for Clouded Leopard

It has taken my girl YEARS to climb the 6 metal see through stair steps and get into this train.
My cautious child is getting braver!

M is for Macaw

P is for Peacock
The peacocks roam freely all over our zoo.  It’s quite a show when the males try to impress a lady friend.  I love how this female just walked on by! It was pretty funny.  God sure did make an amazingly beautiful creature with the peacock.  Finding peacock feathers is always a special souvenir although we didn’t find one today.

L is for Lion.
This guy was fast asleep at the front fence!  We could get a super close peek at him.

J is for Jaguar

T is for Tiger

Every single time, she’s got to climb on this lion statue and take a picture…
as do all the kids who come to our local zoo.  It’s kinda a kid ritual.  
Oh you went to the zoo? Can I see your lion statue picture? Ha!
Everett just made lion roars at it…. so cute!

R is for Rhinoceros 

G is for Giraffe
Their long tongues stretched out of their mouths catching leaves!  It was quite a sight!

T is for Tortoise
Our zoo has lots of these guys.

E is for Eagle

S is for Sloth
This guy was moving all over the place!  I thought they were supposed to be slow, but he was really moving.  It was amazing to watch how methodical he was as he moved from limb to limb. 

O is for Otter
Avaleigh loved watching him dance and play in the water! Simple sticks make the best toys…. for both kids and otters!

S is for Snake
This was her favorite.  Not mine.  Get me outta the reptile exhibit pronto!

Our final stop was boarding the train that zips around the zoo.  So much fun! 

I know I am not really discussing one of our MGT activities, but this trip to our zoo was inspired because of our studies, and I know as we continue our learning adventure this month, much of what we witnessed at the zoo will be brought back up as we study the animals MGT has for us.
Go have fun! Make intentional memories and have adventures with your kids…
 even if it gives you the heebie jeebies a little!  

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