Home School: Preschool Classroom Set-up

Our space is ready for our new 2018-2019 school year with
Mother Goose Time and Classical Conversations!

Watch this video (11 minutes) to get the the whole low down on how I set up our room.


Bookshelves: Rain gutters screwed to 2×4’s which are screwed into studs.
Bookcase: cheap from Walmart
Trunk: given to me from my Banana Republic working days
Rug: Wayfair
Art Display: burlap string with mini and regular sized clothespins to hang work
Magnetic Dry Erase Board: Staples

Table: built by husband
Chairs: donated from the neighbor pediatrician who lives next door
Cart: Pottery Barn Kids (on sale for $25 at Christmas 2 years ago)


We had a teepee in here for a long time and it was magnificent, but one day as my girl was playing she tripped and landed on one of the wooden poles and broke it.  We just need to replace the pole, but there is some wood work to it and we just haven’t had the time lately.

On the blog 1+1+1=1, I read about how she used Quiet Time boxes for her preschooler to do individual work.  My girl is a great napper, but if she naps, she will not fall asleep until 9-10pm, and I just can not deal with that and a 9 month old who still won’t sleep through the night.  
Quiet time boxes to the rescue!  I give her one of these, send her to her room, and she stays in there for 1.5 hours playing by herself so I can get things done.  These boxes are less than $4 at Walmart.

This cheap-o bookcase from Walmart was about $25 and has served us well for the last 4 years.
It houses all sorts of things… mostly things other than books, ha! Here is a close up….

Bottom shelf : Magnetic tiles, games, Play doh container, container of Mother Goose Time puzzles 
Shelf above: Book bins $1 each from Dollar Tree, one holds our Classical Conversations stuff and                           the other holds my girl’s coloring books.  Also on this shelf: MGT manipulatives and      
                     Adventure Force Sea and Safari Animals; blow up globe from MGT

Middle shelf: Sterillite containers holding sensory bin fillers (rainbow rice, green barley and rice, 
                      dried beans, puffs, unifix cubes, and links; also on shelf Watercolor paper 
Shelf above: Book bins (set of 5- one in my daughter’s room) from Walmart for $10- one bin for my 
                     son, one for ABC stuff, one for MGT books, and one for the Story Magnets from MGT
                     also there is a bin of card games mostly from the Dollar Spot at Target.  I use these for 
                     her Quiet Time boxes.


I am trying to be more intentional about bringing the outdoors in, so we have a little nature tray which is just a dip tray from Dollar Tree.  The map is great for preschoolers and is from our 
Mother Goose Time Curriculum..  Add a globe and you are set!


When my girl hears the Circle Time song, she immediately pulls one of her chairs in front of this board.  Our calendar was on our ugly cabinet (coming up), but she was outgrowing it’s placement.  Everything is from Mother Goose Time, but I placed magnetic tape behind our weather cards and her monthly sight words.  I love me some magnetic tape.  In the blank spot under the thematic poster that is on the far left, I will have our letters and numbers of the month.

The clothespin clip at the top is for the day of the week cloud.  My girl will also decide on the weather and place it next to the day of the week cloud clothespin.
Underneath our Circle Time Dry Erase board, I have 2 bins.
One for library books (Sweet Pea is recently OBSESSED with the Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems), and our Morning basket, which houses my Classical Conversations guide, my MGT Teacher Guides, preschool Bible, The Ology book, glue and calendar cards in a baggie.


Sooooo ugly.
I gotta paint this thing.   I think I said that last year.
The very top houses extra papers, stamps, and craft items.  In the middle, are my girl’s containers of crayons, chalk, markers and other manipulatives.  But inside this ugly cabinet, I can hide things I do not want her digging in, like our monthly MGT curriculum box, and liquid watercolors.


Toy Kitchen: dontated from a friend who was getting rid of it.
Trays: from Oriental Trading
Cart: Pottery Barn Kids (on sale for $25 at Christmas 2 years ago)
In last year’s monthly boxes from MGT, we received a shape each month which I just sticky tacked to the wall.  I do not know what happened to the circle.  No clue. 

This is what the room looked like about 1 hour after taking pictures this morning. 🙂

How have your organized your space?
Is there something you just could not do homeschool without?  I’d love to hear!
Please comment with your thoughts and I hope yall have so much fun learning this school yeat!

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  1. I love your bookshelves! And honestly, your ugly cabinet too. We have been struggling with finding a circle time setup that fits our space, thank you for the inspiration. It looks great

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