Paul Bunyan Fun for Preschoolers

This past week we studied the Tall Tales of Paul Bunyan with our
Mother Goose Time Fables and Folktales Unit.
MGT did not disappoint in the activity department either. 
Here’s just a few of the activities we did this week….
Literary Activities:
Each day we had a story in our bag complete with colored cardstock puppets to cut out and play with.  My girl’s favorite was Bessie the Cow and Babe the Ox.  She’s had all sorts of imaginary adventures with those picture puppets.
My girl also received a new I Can Read Book: Babe and Bessie along with 3 sight words: “likes”, “the” and “is”. During our Morning Calendar Time, we go over her sight words that I made into magnets and place on our magnetic dray erase board. You can read how I did that here.

Math Activities:
Did you know that Paul Bunyan was a towering lumberjack?
One activity had us using a measurement tree and leaves to record how tall things were.  We measured Sweet Pea, her cart, brother, baby doll, and Farmer Eddie (from Little People, haha!)

On the day that we learned about Paul’s cooking companions, we played with our tangrams and sorted the shapes- pretending they were pancakes and placing them on a paper plate that had that shape on it.  She really loved this, and we did this activity over and over and over…because #preschoolers. 
Creative Arts Activities:
Besides the drama of playing with puppets and acting out our Paul Bunyan stories, 
we had quite a few fine art activities.
On our Paul Bunyan baby day, my girl drew this lovely self portrait of when she was just 3 weeks old, complete with a pink bow and blue eyes.  It is totally okay to LOL at this picture!  Not only did I laugh and laugh at this picture, but I framed it and will treasure it FOREVER! 
Those mountains at the very bottom of her drawing are toes yall! hahahaha!

The day we learned about Bessie and Babe, we did an Invitation to Create that also incorporated science as we discovered what happens when blue and yellow paint mix.
And of course, it ended up being a finger painting because … #preschoolers.
However, she did realize that using the handle end of her paintbrush created some fun lines in her painting as well.  I also framed this and hung it in her playroom.

Our week ended with us watching the animated classic of Paul Bunyan.
You know… the Disney version?
I am so thankful for YouTube!  I mean where on earth would I be able to find that without the internet and YouTube?  
Well, I hope this post inspired you to have fun with your preschoolers and check us out next week as I give you a tour of our recently updated schoolroom! 
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