Rainbow Dinosaur Birthday Party

My girl turned 4 yesterday, yall.
I seriously can not believe it.  It has gone by entirely too fast.
When she turned one, we had a You Are My Sunshine theme for her birthday party.
When she turned two, we did a Fiesta Before You Siesta taco/outdoor play party.
When she turned three, we had an outdoor bubble party theme.
All of those were chosen by me.
But this year I asked my girl what she wanted to do for her party since she has had so many different interests this past year.  Including: coloring/rainbows, Octonauts, animals, sea creatures, and dinosaurs just to name a few.
She chose a “Rainbow Dinosaur Party!”
No joke.
Rainbow Dinosaur. 
But believe it or not, Pinterest has some ideas for that and so do I!  
(At the bottom of the post I will have all my links!)
Thanks to Mother Goose Time, our preschool curriculum, my girl became dino obsessed when we received our Dinosaur Dig box back in January.  You can read my posts about our dino unit here.
Honestly, I never thought to show her dinosaurs, and I am so thankful that MGT sent that box.  
So I basically created a colorful dinosaur party.  Crepe paper is the best!


It’s HOOOOOT in Texas right now- like triple digits and it’s still 90+ degrees after 8pm.  
The party needed to be outdoors, because…. they’re preschoolers.
Messes and destruction is the name of their game.
So water play was an absolute must, but we tied in some super fun dino activities!
Like a dinosaur dig!
Avaleigh and I made Dinosaur Eggs and Dino fossils a week ago. I dug up some sandy dirt from my backyard and put it in a busted baby pool.  I then hid our fossils and dinosaur eggs in said dirt.  The kids loved this station!  They used a wooden hammer to bust open the eggs and found dinos inside.

I also made 3 dinosaur paper mache eggs (pinatas) and filled them with dinosaur paraphernalia from Oriental Trading.  I used a blown up balloon, newsprint that I had from my art teaching days, and made a paste out of flour and water.  Put 2-3 coats of paper over the balloon and leave a small opening to put in toys or candy once it is dry.  Use more paper mache to cover up the hole and then paint when dry.  Because it is so hot here, this took 3 days, but you would need a longer period of time depending on the heat.  Avaleigh and I painted them on Friday for her party on Saturday. 
 I only spent money on the filler! Everything else I had at home.
I hid the Pinata Dinosaur Eggs in the yard and after about 45 minutes of guests arriving and playing, I gathered all the kids and challenged them to find the dino eggs and bring them to me.  I then let the kids take turns bashing them open and revealing all the dinosaur goodies inside!  They loved this.
Then is was time for more water play.  
For three years now, we have used this tarp for a water slide in our yard.  This might have been it’s last year, but the kids have LOVED it EVERY year!  It never gets old.
A sprinkler and some baby soap to make it slick is all you need.

Bubbles are still a great hit!  Partnered with a fan, you never get tired of “blowing” them!
And don’t forget the baby pool(s)!  Throw a couple of dinosaurs in there and even 
the babies love them!
The carnivores ate dino nuggets and grape jelly meatballs.
Our herbivores ate red, orange, and yellow sliced bell peppers and grapes.
We also had dino scales (chips) and claws (bugles) to munch on.
Simple food is the best.
I ordered white cupcakes with white frosting from Walmart, because it was cheap, easy, and they taste good.  I added rainbow sprinkles and a small dinosaur toy.  They were so cute. Sorry this is the best pic I have. 
I am so grateful we received that Dinosaur Dig box 6 months ago from MGT.
It has instilled a love in my girl for something I KNOW I would not have shown her yet.
So thank you Mother Goose Time, for helping me create lasting and unexpected memories.


Dinosaur Happy Birthday Banner — this is not the exact one as above, but close.  I couldn’t find the                                                               one we used anymore 🙁 
144 Rainbow Lollipops for $6.99!! Used in Paper Mache Egg and take home gift bags.
My favorite Dinosaur Party Post I found on Pinterest.

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