Detectives Need Magnifying Glasses

Nature Detective.
Our newest preschool theme, and I am smitten.
Our newest Mother Goose Time box had this awesome magnifying glass,
 and it has made being a detective so much fun!
My girl took the magnifying glass outside as soon as we took it out of the package.
She went all around the driveway inspecting things.
She found this bee sleeping on our zinnia! He didn’t move at all for quite some time.  Using our magnifying glass, she could really see his stripes and fuzzy body! It was so interesting!
Earlier in the day, we had traveled to our local zoo.
It is the perfect size for younger kids, especially preschoolers.  The zoo has tons of peacocks roaming freely, and one male peacock had started molting, leaving his feathers all over the zoo.  
We grabbed this one before we left. 
My detective used her magnifying glass to find all sorts of things in our thematic poster.
I would ask counting questions like, “How many things are flying?” or 
“Can you tell me how many trees there are?”
Using her magnifying glass, she counted the request using one-to-one correspondence- pointing as she counted aloud. 

Later in the week, we used our magnifying glasses to do a nature hunt!
MGT sent us this great Nature Collection book, and so I created a list for her and we hunted the yard for our listed items.  Please excuse the blurry picture below, but it’s the only one I have of this great book!


After collecting and inspecting her items, my girl then glued them in her booklet, and I will write about that post a little later.  I really want to show you all her work, and it would make this post way too long 😉
I love this magnifying glass.  In fact, each month I am always impressed with the quality of the manipulatives that MGT sends us.  I am planning on sharing with yall how I have used them to make my girl some quiet time boxes, so please keep your eyes peeled for a post on that.
I always get so tickled that something so small like a magnifying glass can truly change how a child feels about their learning.  When I think back to teaching in my science classrooms, my students’ most favorite days were our lab days, or when I went above and beyond to truly create a learning experience (such as moving our chairs to make us feel like we were on a bus tour in Mexico).  Those days were also my favorite too.
And now I get to share those moments with my girl 
because a simple magnifying glass transforms her into a detective.  

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