The Purpose of a Garden

Why grow a garden besides for yourself?
To strengthen relationships with your neighbors and your community.
During the month of May we learned all about growing gardens with our Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum.  As I have been reflecting on gardening this month, I have come to realize having a garden is all about community and sharing your abundance.  What better way to get to know your neighbors than to stop by with a fresh basket of veggies or flowers from your own garden?
We have a row of zinnias next to the fence that borders our neighbors and us.  The other week we found out that one of our sweet church members was having surgery.  Avaleigh and I cooked them some lasagna, and my girl went out to our zinnia garden to pick some fresh flowers for Mrs. Susan.
I received a sweet text of gratitude later that day from Mrs. Susan thanking Avaleigh for the beautiful flowers.  Sharing is caring, right.

Our neighbors move today.  The ones we picked carrots and onions from their garden.  The ones who allowed us to cut fresh herbs from their herb garden.  I am so sad to see them leave, but excited for their new adventure of retirement and traveling.  They sure were wonderful neighbors sharing their garden with us. Sharing is caring.
On Memorial Day weekend, we took a trip to my hometown to see my parents and their amazing garden which is pictured above.  The past few years my parents have become quite the avid gardeners.  My dad built raised beds and tilled areas in the backyard to grow all sorts of produce throughout the seasons.  They live outside Houston, so the weather is very accommodating toward year round gardening.  For the past few years, Avaleigh has been able to pick fresh veggies from their garden over Memorial Day weekend.  Mom wrapped up Avaleigh’s pickings and shared some canned pickles and marinara sauce she had made from this season’s abundance.
Sharing is caring.

A garden shares.
Caring for the garden allows us to share and care for our friends and community.
A beautiful reason and purpose for gardening.
Happy Gardening!

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