S is for Serpent

We’ve been battling sickness around here…
stuffy noses, hacking coughs, and constant snuggle time make for long days.
However even during the struggle of these days, it is so nice to break open a Mother Goose Time bag and explore the new items that make learning so much fun.
Snake day was just what both my girl and this momma needed, and it was perfect to tie in a lesson from our Experience God pack (Eve tempted by the serpent).
We started our day with a table top activity to build a snake. 

The pieces resembled dominoes, except they had stripes or dots. Sweet Pea and I took turns build our snake.  I love how this activity allows the snake to look different each time you build it.  We must’ve rebuilt this snake at least 10 different times throughout the day.  It was also the first thing she showed Daddy when he came home.  Here’s a quick video of us building it together…
After building the snakes, I pulled out our Experience God pack. Before we did anything, I read the story from Sweet Pea’s Bible. Of all the Bibles I have seen for little kids, this one is my absolute favorite!  The pictures are perfect, and the truths are spot on.  Daddy reads it each night and this is our 3rd time to go through it. 
After reading about the story in the Bible, I then used our Experience God pictures to retell the story and asked Sweet Pea to point and tell me about what she saw in the pictures.  
MGT does a superb job in their graphics.  I just love all these pictures.

Afterwards, she worked on her cutting skills by crafting a serpent from the materials in our Experience God pack.

Later that afternoon after the glue had dried, Sweet Pea told me different ways Adam and Eve sinned (didn’t obey God; did not listen; hid…),
 and we wrote them on some of the orange squares she placed on her snake. 
Then, it was glorious nap time.
While she napped, I prepped our next snake activity:
an uppercase and lowercase matching activity using snakes and trees.

When she woke up she was ready to play.  It’s amazing how a little rest rejuvenates the body.
We discussed how many snakes live in trees especially in the rainforest.  She slithered her snakes along the pink lines in our carpet and matched the uppercase snake pictures to the lowercase trees.
I thought I would stump her with “d” and “b,” but matching those two did not phase her one bit!
So today is Thanksgiving, and I couldn’t be more thankful to be able to spend time having fun with my girl even on sick days.  

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