I Can Read: Creating Sentences

My girl loves to read.
If you decide to sit on the floor, she will find you, crawl into your lap and ask to read a book.
Each month we get one of these I Can Read books from Mother Goose Time.
I have been trying to find more ways to use it than just for reading, though.
MGT sends arrows and rectangles with the sight words on it along with 6 pictures of real images of certain things discussed in the book.
I made the rectangles and pictures interactive by adding magnetic tape to the back which you can read about here.

Sweet Pea likes to match the arrows to the correct words in the book.
But the challenge has been:
What do I do with these magnetic words and pictures?
As we read the book, I noticed I had many of those same magnetic sight words created.
Then the thought came that we should build sentences!
Match the words from the book and build a sentence!
I placed the book on the floor and Sweet Pea could match the magnetic words 
to the ones in the book.  When we saw a word that we could use a picture, we did that, 
like jaguar or monkey.

Point and read.

By collecting these words from month to month and making them magnetic with a little magnetic tape, we will be able to build a wide assortment of sentences throughout the year!

So save those words each month!
Build yourself a collection and a center and start creating matching sentences to some of your favorite stories!

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