Writing Her Name…All On Her Own!

 She’s growing leaps and bounds yall.  
On Leg day during our Mother Goose Time unit on About My Body, 
Sweet Pea and I read the book Whose Knees are These? 
After reading, I asked her what she used her legs for, and recorded her responses in this short little video.
I love that she said cooking.  I know that her kitchen is right there, but we do cook a LOT together in the kitchen.  It’s one of her favorite things to do.
However, this post is not about cooking- it’s about how my 3 year old wrote her name for the very first time all on her own and totally out of the blue! 
Here’s what brought it on…
After our discussion on legs, we made our Make and Play craft from Leg day, which was a pocket.
The main focus was on being able to lace the pocket.  I taped the end of the yarn to make a makeshift needle for Sweet Pea. 
I had to hold the pocket together and she did an amazing job at lacing through all the holes!
“Down and around….down and around…”

Her completed pocket below.
See that yellow marker there on the tray? 
I was about to write her name on her pocket in yellow marker, so she could then trace the letters with another marker.  When she saw me pick up the yellow marker, Sweet Pea hollered, “No Momma!  We need blue!” She is a stickler for how things should look, and since the example had the name Ben in blue, she felt she needed her name to blue as well and not yellow.
I first noticed this behavior (of making things look like the picture) using MGT last year and wrote about that experience here.
Sweet Pea’s real name is Avaleigh.
I just refer to her as Sweet Pea on this blog.
She knew immediately without me telling her, that the first letter in her name is A, and as she drew the letter, she said “A”.
I could not believe it! 
She had never done anything like this before! 
These are the moments why I became a stay at home mom.
I told her the next letter was “V” and she didn’t need any help in drawing it either!

She needed help with the next letter, and since Avaleigh is a long name, I told her to just draw an “A”.
I love how her “A’s” are little triangle shapes with the bar cutting through.

And there it is.
Her completed pocket with her name on it.
Her name that she wrote all on her own.
For the very first time.
I am so grateful I was able to capture and see this moment for myself.
Happy Learning!

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