A Typical Day in a Preschool Homeschool

As a former public ed teacher, I loved a set routine!
It allowed the students (and myself) to know exactly what to expect, providing a sense of comfort knowing what is coming.
However being a part-time Children’s Pastor and Homeschooling Momma, has forced me to live a life where our days are more fluid than structured.  Throw in a 3 year old who is also transitioning from naps to quiet time, and everyday becomes a new adventure.
Tuesdays- Fridays are our days to do Preschool using our Mother Goose Time in the afternoon.
MGT has daily activities laid out for us including:
-Circle Time
-Community Challenge
Creative Art
-Small Group
Table Top
-STEAM Station
-Story Corner
-Music and Movement
-Closing Time/Reflection
We don’t do all of these, but we usually do 3-4 activities.
The bolded activities above are the ones we usually do.
 During Sweet Pea’s nap or quiet time, I prepare our activities so that we can start our fun after she wakes up which is usually around 3pm.  
We always do our Circle Time which includes our calendar, weather, and daily topic poster. 
Here’s a little video of it in action… and FYI… it took me almost 20 days to realize we were not in the month of August anymore, but September.  I’m going to play the  “pregnancy brain” card.
She really got me with that tiny orange island!  She’s so observant.
After Circle Time, it’s time to do some of our other activities.
Sweet Pea loves to color and create so we always do the what is suggested in the Creative Art section.

She also loves to read, so we always read and do the discussion in the Story Corner.
 (This page was about eyes, and Sweet Pea was showing where hers were.)

I also prep the Table Top activity and STEAM station; although we might not get to them.

If she is still into what we are doing, then we will do the Music and Movement activity, but we don’t always get to this.  I think I should probably incorporate it into the Circle Time… hmmmm…..
   Because it is just Sweet Pea and myself, we don’t usually do the Small Group activity or we wait and do this when daddy comes home.
We will then play and learn until about 4:30 pm when it becomes time for me to prep dinner if I haven’t done so already. If dinner is already prepped, we continue playing either outside or in her playroom until daddy comes home.
Once he gets home, they play or relax together while I finish up dinner and then we enjoy dinner at the table together every night.
As I type this, I am truly realizing how blessed I am to live the life I have.
Is everyday a perfectly structured day? NO WAY!
But everyday is filled with little moments to treasure…. sometimes I need to focus on searching them out and holding on to them.
I am just so grateful to have little moments with her each and every day and for our little family of three… soon to be four.

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