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What’s new with you? For me… I am living in a world called NEW.   A new school year, a new batch of kiddos to love and teach, a new subject (added the Wednesday before school started), a new teacher to our 6th grade team…. make that 2…. starting Wednesday…. a new beginning for my partner teacher and great friend.
Ah, “new”…. how do I love you?!  Gotta admit, all this newness is about to make all my hair fall out not to mention my face wont quit with the breakouts!  Ugh “new”…. I am definitely not liking you.  Its the end of the 4th week of school and I am trying so hard to keep my head from spinning from all the new things happening in my life!
Let me share a little into my whirlpool of a year so far…. but please do not think that I am complaining…. its just what is happening right now… well I am complaining about my breakouts but how do you look at the bright side of that?!?!  anyway….. here’s the 411.

  • August 14— I had surgery and was laid up on the couch for 2 days.  I have to admit my husband was pretty awesome!  and I didn’t have to do any cleaning 🙂
  • August 17— First day of in-service…. on a FRIDAY…. ummmm who does that?? Its like saying “Bwahahaha… no more 3 day weekend for you for the next 9 months…. bwahahaha.”  Friday in-service is no bueno.  <—- complaint???  truth????  tomato (long a)…. tomato (short a)…. I just LOLed telling you how to pronounce my writing…. kinda stupid of me……. I digress….
  • August 22—Wednesday before school starts…. my partner in crime… AKA our 6th grade ELA/SS teacher gets a job offer in a school district far away in “the city.”  Tears and sobbing… loud…
  • Sobs and more tears……. wait……. shes going to stay 4 weeks….. smiles….. tears and smiles…… at least its not sobs so much……
  • August 22— I tell my principal that I will teach SS.  There is NO WAY I would or wanted to throw a new teacher without a summer and 2 months late into the school year with 2 subjects to teach and one in a STARR tested area while the light of Heaven shined down in my classroom of only having to teach one subject….Science.   That would be torturous for that new teacher….. my future partner…. and I wasn’t going to do that to her/him….. but most likely her…. no offense men-folk.  So I took Social Studies… World Cultures.  Ummmm this is NEW for me.  
  • August 27—- the first day of school.  We have a 3 way switch.  Total of 61 students…. wait for it…. 15 have ARD papers…. BOOM-Shaka-laka!!!!!   Yeah….. that’s a lot… out of 61… BUT—- these kids ask some of the most thoughtful questions and have the BEST personalities that keep me smiling all day long.  I am learning something new each day teaching them.  I. LOVE. MY. KIDS! I might even give y’all a quote of the day!  we will see….They are pretty hilarious.  🙂
  • September…. what is today(21)…. 19…. September 19— Tuesday.   Interview 3 teachers who have no experience…. but that’s okay…. as long as she has the drive….. (no men-folk applied)  Picked an awesome mom who is eager to teach and hired her.  Mrs. Newsome (pretty perfect name and no…. I did NOT make that up…. I couldn’t make this stuff up)
  • Fast forward to next Tuesday…. September 25…. my partner in crime’s last day.  I already can’t stop my eyes from watering when I think about her leaving.  She has been my rock for over a year.  I haven’t really talked much about my personal life outside of the classroom, but she held my hand through the past year of having to deal with infertility.   I am still at war (going over 2 years now) with infertility and I get so sad over my own selfishness.  Ugh….. I am not ready to go there today.
  • Obviously Tuesdays are not my days.  

 And so my NEW year has begun; yet it starts again next Tuesday with a new partner that I am really excited to get to know and mentor, but that day will definitely be bitter sweet.  Embracing change…. running towards the new is tough sometimes, but if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be a Jack of all Trades…. or at least trying to be. 

4 thoughts on “What’s New?

  1. My school year has been super stressful too, but because of a new curriculum, delivery model, technology not working, "them" ordering the wrong books for our accel kids so we have to copy the book for them. No bueno indeed.

    I am sorry you have had such a crazy start. I know how difficult change can be and when there is too much at once it is enough to drive you over the edge!

    I remember several years ago we had two new administrators at school, our two ministers left church, my health club shut down and then when my fave restaurant closed down I was ready to curl up in a fetal position. It was just too darn much change to take in a short period of time.

    Hang in there! It's got to get better, right! 🙂

  2. wow. you are such a fun writer.

    Love your honesty and no, not complaining…

    The first part of school is hard, change or not. throw change in there and whammy!

    I hope you are encouraged by this… the best new thing I have implemented in my classroom this year is the "No Homework Binder" YOUR no hw binder. It is PERFECT!!! It's having the absolute effect I wanted, THEY ARE DOING THEIR HOMEWORK!!!! Thank you and hang in there and best of luck to you in school and your personal life!

    Can't wait to read more from you!
    Hodges Herald

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