Linky Party: Music In the Classroom….Nay or YAY!!!!

YAY!!! I know yall know how much I like to search You Tube for school videos…. so I thought about making a little linky party for all those great finds all us teachers search high and low for.

Let me tell yall a little secret… I am not a fan of rap, hip-hop, or much of today’s music.  I grew up on the alternative radio of the ’90’s (love it), but I now listen to Texas Country and Christian radio.  Obviously my taste in music clashes with what my kids like, but when it comes to learning, some of these rap songs couldn’t be better I think.   Go to You Tube…. yes right now…. just open a new tab… type in Mr. Lee.  See all those different songs about Science?  My kids LOVE them.  In fact after I showed the one on the Rock Cycle a few weeks ago, tons of my kids went home and searched more songs of his.  Warm fuzzy feeling taking place:)

One of my students came in the following day and said, “Mr. Johnstone, can we please listen to the Phases of the Moon by Mr. Lee?  I love that one.”  Wait…. you want me to play you a learning rap song??? Ummm YES!!

So without further ado… here a few that were my students favorites this year….
Meet Mr. Lee (also has lots of science and math songs)

Meet Mr. Duey (great math songs)

Meet They Might Be Giants (Science songs for all ages)

Do you have any songs that you love to play for your kids?  Link up and share! (this is my 2nd linky party… I hope it works right!)

6 thoughts on “Linky Party: Music In the Classroom….Nay or YAY!!!!

  1. Thanks yall for linking up!!!! I am loving looking at all the songs and videos!!! Saving them to my favorites! 🙂 Have a great week!!!


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