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I have a love hate relationship with the game Jeopardy.  I love the way it can be used to review for big tests, but I hate having to think backwards.  I know that I got it all sorts of messed up… but I think it will work out still.

I made a review game tonight for my 9 weeks assessment that is on Friday.  We will play on Thursday.  I used the Jeopardy Labs Website to make my template.  It is not a power point- it is a website that I can go back and tweak whenever I want.  It is open to the public (I think) so anyone can use it.  You can find my game here.

We covered data (graphs and mean), GCF, LCM, prime factorization and the order of operations. 

Now here is the game plan….. I need a buzzer…. enter this awesome creation:

  1. Each table of 4 will be a team (5 teams).
  2. Each team will have a mini dry erase board with one marker with one sock eraser.
  3. Students will take turns writing answers on the board.
  4. Students will buzz in when they have the right answer. 

I think if I make them all do the problem then at least they are all working, rather than having one person from each team go to the buzzer and buzz in. 

I am still debating about whether or not I want them to work in groups of 4… maybe I will put 2 dry erase boards at each table and have them work their problem with their partner.  Then they can buzz in.

It’s my first time doing this review with the Jeopardy template.  I have played before using the EGGSPERT and I LOVE it!  But for my older kids, I think incorporating Jeopardy will make it more fun.

The prize is a wonderful homework pass and who doesn’t want that?!?!

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