Going Batty over Gifts!!!

As you all know I have a secret pal.  I think I am channeling all things motherly when I make my gifts for her.  I feel like if I had kids… this is totally what I would be making for them…. little Halloween prizes and gifts here and there.  But until I have kids…. I will spend my time, money, and craftiness making fun stuff for others… mainly my secret pal.  Here is what I made her today….

I bought a cauldron at WalMart for less than $4.00.  I stuffed orange tissue paper, and bought a 6 pack of her favorite drink… Dr. Pepper.
I made 2 of these bats.  I saw this idea on pinterest…of course.  Here is how I made the bats…
card stock and the tape is double sided.  At first I was going to glue the Hershey bar down but then I thought ….how on earth would she eat it!?!?
Place the bar in the center, fold the sides over and then just cut bat wing shapes out of the sides.
Add a circular head, triangular ears, 2 googly eyes, and a red glitter mouth and you end up with…
a cute Hershey bat.
Pack 2 of them in the bucket.
Add some antibacterial soap with a fun saying.  Find the fun printable at one of my favorite websites: eighteen25
Cute cute…

And there you have it!  This gift was maybe $10… maybe…$12, but its big, fun, festive, and has all the favorite things of my Secret Pal.

Principal Appreciation week and Pastor Appreciation week is coming up.  You could make something special for those great people in your life.  🙂

Happy crafting and Happy Halloween!!!

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