Brought to you by… HOBBY LOBBY!!

Today (in less that an hour) I made a fall wreath.  I have never made one of these, but my friend made this beautiful table arrangement and posted it to facebook:
She said all the stuff she got was at Hobby Lobby, so I headed there yesterday morning and bought all this:
Which was all 50% off!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!   Expect the grapevine wreath… it was $5.99, but I also had a coupon for 40% any single full priced item!!!  Yes I had a smile glued to my face when I walked out of Hobby Lobby spending about $25 for all my goodies.  The letters… F  A  L… were supposed to go on my wreath, but I decided no after I put it all together. Here is how I did it: 
The only supplies I used were floral wire (24 gauge which I already had) and a wire cutter.
First I wrapped my fall leaf garland around the wreath.

Then I used my floral wire and attached some areas with it.   Now it was time to BEDAZZLE it with all the fun goodies!  I just crammed all these guys in there, and got my design the way I wanted it.

I had to keep it propped up so I could assess where I needed to add more.  Then I just used my floral wire and wrapped the attachments to the wreath.  I had to go around and pull on them to make sure I had attached them all.  Now it is hanging on my front door.
The funny thing is, I saw some of these listed at Hobby Lobby for over $100!!!  Can you believe that!?!?!  Even with 50% off that $50 which is still twice what I spent and it only took me an hour!!!
I hope I didn’t offend anyone who went out and bought it…. yikes….sorry….
Autumn is coming… even to Texas…eventually!
Hope y’all have fun crafting!!!

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