Teacher Survival Kits… Brought to you by PINTEREST!

If you do not know about Pinterest yet, you have to go to the link!!!! Go now!!! But please come back so you can find out what I made today. 🙂

About a month ago, I found this lovely teacher gift idea at one of my favorite blogs,
Bee in our Bonnet

The lady is super crafty and makes some of the cutest things ever for her kids teachers and for her home.
So I made my own for a couple of my closest teacher friends.

This project takes no time at all, and is really cheap. These are my materials:

I used the fishing boxes from Walmart (less than $5.00) and spent $5.00 at Staples on the items below. I split them though between the two kits.

 I also bought 2 bags of candy at Walmart for about $5.00 as well.

I just used the Starbursts and kisses though… I saved the Lifesavers for myself…. and my husband 🙂

After I got everything ready, I put my items in my kits.  When I was in Guatemala, I had pens made with my friends’ names on them.  It was SUPER cheap and SUPER CUTE!!! I have a pen to give away once I reach 100 followers. (hint hint…. 🙂

 I added a little Anti-bac that I had bought at Bath and Bodyworks a long time ago.  It fit perfectly.  So now I needed labels. At Bee in our Bonnet she has a template you can download, but it didn’t work very well for me, so I made my own using Printshop.  LOVE IT!!!!!!!  You have to get one!!! Cheap and does TONS of stuff…

Anyway…. I used one sheet of card stock and made 2 labels on the one sheet.  Then I cut them with my new trusty tool  from Hobby Lobby.

Then I used that Crafty glue I have a love hate relationship with (it is becoming more loving however) to glue my label onto my red card stock.

Trim the left overs and you have a wonderful label.  Then I put some adhesive on the back of the red card stock and attached it to my kit. I didn’t want to go out and buy more ribbon, but I had some Christmas red ribbon, which I felt was just as good.

Add a little bow and you have a great gift for any friend!!!  I think I am going to use this idea again at Christmas….

Happy Crafting!!!!!

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