Guatemala Giveaway!!!!

I’m almost there…. 100 Followers 🙂  Thanks yall!!!!  I’ve gotta prize… but first let me tell you about this…

It’s been one full week since I have been home.  It has been really hard trying to come to terms with the abundant blessings we have here in the US.  I went thinking I was going to be blessing others by building 2 houses and 2 stoves.  I was mistaken.  By the end of the first day, I was the one who was blessed beyond measure, and to see how much the Guatemalans work, smile, love and care for one another…. indescribable.

They say “Buenos dias” to EVERYONE that passes by in the morning.  Then “Buenos tardes” to EVERYONE who passes in the afternoon.  Then at night, “Buenos noches” is said each time you pass someone.  And they look you in the eye! 

What would our life be like if we did that to everyone who passed us by?

Coloring pages after we shared about Jesus being the Good Shepherd.

Pedro (dad) and Ronnie (son) who we built a house for.  Mom and sisters are not pictured.  They lost their house in the May mudslides.

Emerson and I.  We built this stove for him and his mother.  LOVE THIS KID!!

 I made a power point presentation… but it is not uploading correctly 🙁  Any tips????

Soooooooooo now I am sooooooooo clooooooooose to 100 followers!!!  I knew I was getting close when I went to Guatemala, and I had a light bulb moment.  I decided to purchase my prize there!  So whoever wins gets these lovely beauties from Guatemala!!
Pen and Braclet
Pen reads Jacks of All Trades– made by a Guatemalan

Bracelet on… it has 3 different size closures for different sized wrists. Also made by a Guatemalan.

HOW TO WIN:  (I have never done this before.  Thanks Yearn to Learn for giving me some tips!!!)

1) Be or Become a follower of my blog and leave a comment saying you follow.
2) Put my button on your blog.  Leave a separate comment.
3) Share the news and blog about this give-away.  Leave me a link to your post on another comment. 

That’s 3 ways to enter!!! I will be picking a winner next Sunday at 10pm central time!!! 


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  1. You know I follow you!!! I have got to have that bracelet!!! Any way to order one from there?? Do you have a contact there? My daughter and I worked with some girls who sold bracelets from Thailand for a school there and every once in a while got a new shipment of them. I love the bracelet you brought back!!!!! It's amazing!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

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