Home Sweet Second Home… Classroom Set-up

I am OBSESSED with color.  No specific color, just all of them.  So logically my classroom looks like a rainbow blew up in it.  And no… I am not teaching kindergarten or even elementary where this would be most appropriate.  I am teaching 6th grade… I think the kids are supposed to be maturing, but I’m sure my classroom will bring back nostalgic feelings of years long ago.  Hopefully they are good memories 🙂  I am praying they don’t say “Mrs. Johnstone… what grade do you think this is???”  I’ll have to get my “smart” replies ready. 

So anyway…here is my new room.  I am moving from a school that had TONS of storage!! Now I just have 1 cabinet.  Talk about “Make it work!”  By the way … Project Runway started tonight!!!

In the beginning, it looked like this:

This was actually after a few days… I had to buy that little table in the middle of my room.  Who doesn’t mount projectors to the ceiling?!?!  Oh well… I had to be able to face my class.  Ahhh yes… you can see my ONE cabinet.  But did you know what you can do with a shoe rack organizer???

Now all my Vistaprint creations are easily organized and accessible.  How can I forget where the homework passes are now??

Here are a couple more shots of what it looked like to begin with.

The one bulletin board at the back behind my desk is made from a sheet of Styrofoam board.  I didn’t have any boards.

  And check out this double door closet.  Be careful when you “walk in”!

 The fortunate thing about this “closet” is that it happens to be the most perfect size for holding all my poster boxes.  I guess that’s what they were thinking when they installed it. 

I don’t have bulletin boards but I turned this nasty ugly, half concrete, half sheet rock wall into one. 

Did I tell you that Hot Glue is my BFF???  It’s probably not my Principal’s though… it might take off a little bit of the wall, but my walls needed repainting anyway. 🙂  I am leaving the open space for my Science Word Wall.  Here is my Math bulletin board made on a concrete wall.  It will have all of our math words

Don’t you just love how the AC thermostat breaks up the space?? (sarcasm)  At least its Math related… it does show the temperature.   Gotta look on the bright side! 🙂      

Now after a solid 4 days… 8 hours a day… I finally have my room where I  mostly want it… Except I’m waiting on another white board and I’m making my math stations poster tomorrow 🙂

Classroom library

I still don’t know what I am going to post on this board.  Any ideas??

My table has a skirt now… Hot Glued of course.
unsightly mess trying to hide under my $20 from Lowes

Now it is really hidden. 🙂

Absent work holder on left.  Bucket Filling on Right

I have a door to my teaching partner’s room.  The kids never have to line up in the hall! 🙂

My desk area…I puffy heart Garfield.  He speaks the truth right here

Brainiac Challenges posted on the poster holder closet door.

Bulletin Board made from Styrofoam and nailed to the wall.  Thank goodness that one wasn’t concrete!!!

Well that’s where I’m at right now… just a couple more things and I should be completely done.  I love coming home…

7 thoughts on “Home Sweet Second Home… Classroom Set-up

  1. It's looking nice Leslie!! I can't get into my room for another week…maybe longer because our wing hasn't had the floors done yet! 🙁 What is your brainiac challenge? I would love a closer picture of the posters! I was thinking of doing an Einstein's club – is this similar?
    The Sweet Life of Third Grade

  2. Oh my goodness Audrey!!! I would be freaking out!! This year fortunately and unfortunately, I have a carpeted room so they didnt have to wax or move everything out. I went ahead and attached my Brainiac stuff to Files to Share (little green post it like note). I wanted to make sure it was okay with Mrs. Renz first… LOVE her!!!

    I like Einstein's Club 🙂

  3. Leslie,
    Everybody 'wins' a freebie today – it's just a good old giveaway. I'd love to send you the cootie catchers – send me an email to jenrunde(at)yahoo(dot)com, so I can get your email address.
    Happy Friday
    Runde's Room

  4. Your classroom looks great! I thought I was the only one with crappy storage in my classroom, but I actually have three cabinets for storage. You have gotten creative and everything looks great! When does school start?

  5. Thanks yall!!!

    School starts on the 22nd of August but we have inservice starting the week before.

    I'll be cutting it close though… I head to Guatemala in a week for a mission trip. 🙂

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