Kindergarten Homeschool Space

Hi! I’m Leslie- a homeschooling momma to a 5 year old girl and 21 month old boy.  The 2 are as different as night and day.  I share our adventures here to both inspire learning at home and chronicle our lives, because honestly, I never started the baby books and my kids will just have to look back on their childhood through this blog… ha! #keepinitreal

It’s happening yall….Kindergarten is upon us.
A new school year (but does it ever really end) means a new school room set up.
My little girl turned 5 this July.  She is such a gentle and nieve child.  I know homeschooling is the best thing for her and her personality.  I am a new director for Classical Conversations, and am totally enthralled with the Charlotte Mason method.  Not to mention we are continuing our love of
  Mother Goose Time!  You will see all 3 coming together to create our current school space. 
Welcome to our once formal unused living room. I has been a playroom, preschool room, and now it is our Kindergarten Homeschool room.
Let me show you around.
This picture is taken from our doorway.  There are no doors, so the kids and I try to pick up this room each night because seeing a clean room just helps me breathe.
Both white bookshelves are from Walmart (link here) and have been in the kids’ rooms. We had rain guttering for bookshelves for years, which I loved, but I needed to house more of our books, especially my science books I had stored in cabinets around the house.  Collecting books is my hobby yall.  My husband cut the guttering in half, and now both kids have 3 rain gutter shelves for their books in their room.

I love that the bookshelves create a table top that my son can not reach and destroy… yet lol.
Above the bookshelves are some of our Timeline cards from Classical Conversations.  My husband hung three rows of wire using eye hooks, and I attached the cards with mini clothespins.  The first 7 cards are missing since our first week of CC is coming up and I used them to make my Tutor board.
Do you have those Childcraft books from when you were a kid?
I jacked them from my parents’ home long ago, and we have used them numerous times this past year of CC.  Most of the other books on these shelves are Science books, but one shelf is World History/Cultures and the other is American History books.  If I need to add a book to our collection, which happens almost weekly, I always check out Thriftbooks! Best prices fo sho!  Our Melissa and Doug abacus is missing a row, but I bought it for next to nothing when a preschool was going out of business in my town last year.
We love spending time outside and going for walks.  Charlotte Mason is my jam. 
I display our findings in this tray I bought at Dollar Tree. Right now it houses different acorns, an abandoned robin’s nest, pinecones, cardinal feathers (and a few others), and a perfectly intact butterfly.  There is a container of fine sand from a friend’s trip to the beach that she brought back to me. The giant leaf on the wall is one my girl found on our most recent walk.  She chose it because of it’s size.  I didn’t want it to crumble as it dried out, so I laminated the leaf and stuck it on our wall.  I am definitely going to laminate more leaves this fall.  Laminators are not that expensive and I am so glad I have one! This one from Amazon is less that $25.
Here are our story books, including Fairy Tales, Classics, Poetry, the Bible, Art, and Math books.  The top far right cubby houses all the books I really want to use for CC this year. I just wanted them in one spot to make them easy to find and grab as I plan out our year. The pink basket on the bottom is home to our Audio books and our Monthly Cds from Mother Goose Time.  The green basket is our recent stash from our library.  On top of the shelf, we have our books for this month from
  Mother Goose Time (Little Red Riding Hood and the Lonely Wolf) and our Tea Time afternoon read, Mercy Watson.  Both my kids love the Mercy Watson books!  
They are an easy and fun read aloud.

During the month os September we will be focusing on Family and Pets with Mother Goose Time.  I set up our monthly calendar (love how it teaches patterns with the colored numbers), monthly number focus, and our Theme Poster.  I found the map at Target for like $3 and had to grab it!  My girl already drew on it though.  She a line from Texas to Siberia because “that’s the way you get to Mimi and PopPop’s house.”  Ugh.  At least she knows that a map is for directions.  Our table was $20 from the preschool that was closing down and I love it!  Perfect size for both kiddos.  
I still want to paint the top in chalkboard paint.

I moved this bookshelf back into our room because I needed a place for my things and for my son’s toys.  The tall tower to the right houses our MGT curriculum and supplies I don’t want the kids necessarily getting into…but is there really anything a toddler doesn’t get into?  He opens these drawers all the time.  He also hears “No, sir” all the time.
My deep book cubbies from Walmart.  I love these things!
I have one for Workbooks, Art Materials (paper), Writing Journals, Mother Goose Time, and Classical Conversations.

This shelf holds a few curriculum binders and our Timeline cards.  The teapot is one my former roommate made in our Ceramics class in college.  I have always loved it.

This year we will explore Space with CC, so I nabbed this craft kit from Alex.  I bought a bunch of learning cards from the Dollar Spot at Target, and our Geoboard (love it!) is from MGT a year or so ago.  The basket holds rubber bands and my girl gets this down and plays with it quite often.

The bottom two shelves are pretty much my son’s materials.  The big folder box houses coloring books that they both enjoy using.

We used to have a teepee in here that we read in, but my girl fell on one of the wooden stakes, broke it, and I never have replaced it.  I just stacked our pillows under the window and moved our rug to this side of the room.  We have a little light box that is on the floor and the blue basket on it houses all our transparent blocks that are so fun to use on our light.

I got rid of the really ugly wooden cabinet, and dragged this green beast of a buffet into our room.  It holds more materials that I don’t want little hands getting into and it provides another flat top surface for all the things!

My dry erase board from Hobby Lobby that I have had for years is home to our Routine cards that MGT sent me a few years back.  I never used them because my girl just didn’t need them at the time, but they are perfect as we journey into this new year.  Especially since we are exploring the Charlotte Mason method.  She encourages short increments of time for each area of study but using the habits of full attention and best effort for that small amount of time.  
These cards are going to help us stay on track!

With our new September box from MGT, we received some colorful and very sturdy Loose Letter Parts.  I added some magnetic tape ($3 from Hobby Lobby and then used my 40%) and vo-la! Magnetic letter parts!  Cookie sheets make it easy to take this anywhere.

On top of the buffet we have more materials from Mother Goose!
I placed our monthly manipulates which happen to be shapes, our puzzle that matches our story of the month, and our two math baskets for our first day of learning.  We are ready for September!

Our golden Bailey does not miss out on any action that happens in this room.  She loves us so much and is never far from where we are.  This month we will be studying the letters H, F, and T.  I used wide painters tape to put the letter on the floor.  My son tries to practice jumping over the lines.  He’s adorable.

Well, that’s our Homeschool space this year.  It’ll change next year I’m sure.
I am so excited to document our learning adventures here and I wonder what my kids will think years from now as they look back on these posts.

Have a wonderful school year friends!

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