Science Lab: Exploring Our Senses

Hi! I’m Leslie- a homeschooling momma to a 5 year old girl and 20 month old boy.  The 2 are as different as night and day.  I share our adventures here to both inspire learning at home and chronicle our lives, because honestly, I never started the baby books and my kids will just have to look back on their childhood through this blog… ha! #keepinitreal
Three years ago we started our homeschool journey with Mother Goose Time.
We started with this box- the Science Lab.
A lot has changed including some of the activities.  I actually blogged about doing this particular activity 3 years ago, and here it is again but with new graphics and twists on the activity from long ago. Here’s how it went to you can try it today with your littles.
Scientists use their 5 senses to make observations; it’s actually called “Qualitative Observations.”
My scientist and her research partner (little brother, Everett), explored all sorts of items we had around the house using their 5 senses.
However, first things first… read a book.  Today I chose My Five Senses by Aliki.
As we read the book, the scientists pointed to that particular body part.
When talking about smelling, my kids  researchers pointed to their noses.

After reading the book and poking at all sorts of body parts, I cut out the 5 Senses Cards provided from MGT.  I laid them in front of my older scientist.  She would grab an item from the tray of research materials (aka anything you can find around the house), and then decide which sense she used when making observations of that object.  She would move the card if she used that sense.
For example, with the banana, she used all her senses except hearing.  

observing a banana

Observing how this candle smells… mmmm…… gardenias!

You can’t have an observation day without SLIME.

Don’t forget sound!  Grab those bells you have hidden in your cabinet!  That’s where mine are and where they will be returning soon. Ha! #truth
We had so much fun with this activity!  It was a perfect one to coincide with snack time too.  Get those taste buds working!   My favorite part was watching her really chew her goldfish slowly, trying to think of words to describe what was going on in her mouth.
The scientists favorite parts:  eating the banana or ringing those bells over and over again.
Stay tuned for more adventures this month as we revisit the Science Lab!

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