Honey Bee Activities

We are into Bees and Butterflies around here 
thanks to our preschool curriculum from Mother Goose Time!
If you missed my last post on Beehive Stamping, be sure to check that out.
If you are looking for more bee fun, let me share what we did today!
First things first… grab some bee wings you bought at Dollar Tree last Halloween and put them on.
Number Recognition
Using the cards MGT sent and some torn paper scraps to simulate pollen, my girl worked on her number recognition skills by moving the “pollen” aka torn paper from one flower to its matching big card flower.  She completed this in no time!  MGT suggested making it more challenging by using the number word names.  I might try that tomorrow.  On the back of all the little circles I will write the word name for the numbers 1-16.  Then I will read it to her and she will have to move the pollen to the correct flower.

Licking your finger makes the “pollen” stick to your finger thus allowing the torn paper, I mean pollen, to transfer from one flower to another.  She figured that out all by herself! Ha! 
Creativity: Invitation to Create
Nectar Painting
Using a pipette, cupcake liner, watery paint and markers, my girl created her own flowers.
We talked about how honey bees suck up nectar with their long tongues from flowers just like our pipette sucks up the watery paint!

Sticky Paint
Loved this cool idea from MGT! Add honey or corn syrup to some paint in a small cup.  Use any painting tool to explore making marks and designs with the sticky paint.  Don’t forget to taste the honey before adding to the paint!  That was my girl’s favorite part!
This painting is super sticky and the honey gives the paint a really amazing shine!
Our local library had a whole section on bees and butterflies…which I may or may not have checked out like 1/2 of those books….sorry library patrons!
That is how I stumbled upon this gem of a book!  
I love the simple rhyme throughout, but on each page, there is a little paragraph giving factual information about honey bees.  The pictures are stunning too!

Momma Needs A Minute?
No shame in the needing a minute game.  I have a one year old who likes to scream at me every time I set him down.  It’s his favorite pastime.  I’m his favorite person.  When he’s napping and I need to do school with my girl, but need a moment for myself, youTube and Cat in the Hat have been amazing! (it’s also on Netflix). My girl loves this show.  I love how its short and sweet, lets me have a 10 minute break to myself, and corresponds with the learning we are already doing.  Just a trick to have up your sleeve when you need another cup of coffee, or time to prep dinner, or a minute in the potty without someone else talking to you or trying to smack the toilet paper to see how much rolls off.  We lost 1/2 a roll yesterday minutes after my son crushed a muffin on the bathmat.  I was putting said bathmat in the laundry when the roll was lost.  Ugh…. 
Cat in the Hat: Show Me the Honey
Of all our honey bee activities, my favorite had to be our book time.  Even though she’s almost 5, my girl still likes to climb into my lap, place a blanket over us and have me read to her.  It’ll be a sad day for sure when she decides she’s too big for my lap.  
Excuse me for a minute… I seem to have something leaking out of my eyes….
Enjoy all the moments friends!
Even the crushed muffin/ toilet paper ones!
They’ll be gone before we know it. 

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