Roll a Painting

How can you incorporate kicking and painting?
By painting with a ball of course!
Mother Goose Time comes up with some memorable and amazing ways kids can create art- especially in their Invitations to Create which I love!
They sent us a rubber ball (blue) and I added a yellow one for my 1 year old son because all things go in his mouth. MGT also included this amazing inspiration photo and the white cardstock.  
All I needed to supply was the paint and the box. 
Avaleigh and Everett collaborated on their first masterpiece!
I could not be more pleased!
Here are the deets:
Observe the Inspiration photo and ask your kiddo what they notice.
“That’s a lot of colors momma! Can I roll my ball in paint like they did?”
Yes.  Yes you can.
Get a container (box lid/ tray/ pan) and tape down a white piece of cardstock.
Roll the tape and fasten down on the backside.  This will allow the entire surface to be painted and you do not have to worry about the picture falling out.
Pick 3 colors of paint. This lesson can turn into a great one on color mixing, so be careful about what colors you choose.  We went with the primary colors which make all colors. 
Dip the ball in paint and start moving your container.
Ewwww and Ahhhhh at the beauty as it unfolds….

Don’t panic when the ball bounces out of the tray because your preschooler is so excited and paint trails in a line across your tile floor.  You used tempra.  That stuff washes out with water.
Oh wait… you used acrylic…. yikes!  It’ll come off your tile but not your clothes.

Because this was a collaboration, my girl would roll her small rubber ball and then take it out, dip Everett’s large yellow plastic ball in paint, and then she placed in on the paper. Then I held his hands as we shook the box. That’s why there aren’t too many process pictures.  It’s hard to take pics with a one year old who can’t wait his turn in your lap….lol! 
I love how the large ball left different track lines than the smaller ball- adds variety.
My girl was so excited about this artwork that she brought it as her Show and Tell item to our Classical Conversations co-op the next day!
She shared how she made this masterpiece with her brother and I’m wondering if her classmates are painting their own kick inspired artwork at home…. 
All thanks to Mother Goose Time

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