Star Activities for Preschoolers

Christmas week!  It’s been a blur, but I’ve been trying to soak it all in.
This was the perfect week to talk about stars as we discussed the birth of Jesus and how the wise men traveled to Him by way of a star.
Our Mother Goose Time STEAM station, Sparkly Stars, did not disappoint.
We started our STAR day but discussing light.
I took out a lighter and asked my girl what colors she saw in the flame.
She remarked yellow, orange, and blue.

So we used yellow and blue liquid watercolors to help us make our Sparkly Stars STEAM Station.  We also added a little purple in there for some variety. 
All you need is liquid watercolors, epsom salt, a ziplock bag, and a drying tray to do this activity.  
We did something similar when we made our Rainbow Rice which you can read about here.

My father in law scored this amazing light tray when he worked at Kodak.  It’s been a perfect light table for us.  After the salt spent 30 minutes drying, I poured all our crystals into a shallow container and let my preschooler go to town playing with our newest sensory bin. 
 She loved making her handprint in the salt, and drawing in it as well. 

After we finished playing with our STEAM station, we read through the Nursery Rhyme 
“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” pointing to each word as I read.  I love that MGT sends us these big nursery rhyme posters!  I’m kinda kicking myself for not saving some of the others. Ugh…
I then grabbed a star cutout (from our wand we didn’t get a chance to make), wrote “star” on it, and had my preschooler point to all the “star” words.  

Afterwards, we read with brother Follow the Star a cute little book about the birth of Jesus that I scored at Walmart, but it is also available on Amazon.  
We also looked in that book for all our “star” words.
Although we didn’t get to more MGT activities, I am so glad we made the Sparkly Star bin.  
It’s 2 days after Christmas, and although my girl received some great gifts, she has still made time to play on her light table with her Sparkly Star bin.  A definite win.
What sensory bin fillers are your faves?

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