I Can Read: -ad Words

My girl is book obsessed.
Has been since she was less than one.
If you sit on a floor, she will make a beeline for your empty lap.  With a book in her hands, she will fill your lap with her tooshy, and ask for you to read to her.
Lately, she has become quite interested in words. 
She knows all her letters, capital and lowercase, and all their sounds, and she recognizes that all words “say” something.  I normally have to point to the words while we read.  If I dont, she will point to the words asking, “What does this say, momma?” 
Because she is so interested lately, I have taken the beginning steps to teaching her how to read.
Our Preschool curriculum comes from Mother Goose Time, and each month they send us a new “I Can Read” book.  This month’s focus was on feelings and -ad words like sad, mad, and glad.  We also learned 3 sight words: he, she, and is.
When we get this book, I usually read it to her a few times, and then have her read it to me.  I then give her a sight word pointer, and as she reads, she is to point to the words and then match the sight word pointer to the correct word.
Here’s a video to see it in action:
After we finish the book, we place it next to her bedside.  It becomes part of our bedtime routine for the month.  
As this year continues, I hope to continue to foster her love of reading.
I don’t expect her to read at this age- if she does, spectacular! 
All I hope to do, is continue to help her to love books, being read to, and help her learn what she is desiring to learn about, and lately it’s been words. <3 
Happy Reading! 

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