3 Shape Activities for Preschoolers

We have had lots of fun with shapes this month.
 This month Mother Goose Time sent us Tangram Shapes as our monthly manipulative along with tons of activities and games.  Many of these activities revolved around Friends and Feelings- our theme for this month.
You can easily do these activities at home by cutting out simple shapes from card stock or construction paper.
Here were our top 3 Activities with our shapes this month:

Feeling Faces

Using some chalk, my girl drew an oval on her table.  After spinning the spinner, she then recreated that face with the shapes. With older kids you can ask, “What is that face feeling?  How do you know?”  She could tell me each emotion the face was showing when I asked.

Feeling Shapes Sort
We had 4 shape cards with faces on them.  Each face had a specific emotion- the triangle smiled, the rectangle frowned, the parallelogram was mad, while the circle looked surprised.  I piled her shapes in front of her and she began sorting them.
After sorting the shapes, she then started creating designs with them.  I was really impressed as I watched her create.  I could see her making patterns and really thinking about what she wanted to do.  I snapped a pic of her designs down below. 

Pattern Making: What’s Next?

This month we have been focused on an AB pattern, and our pattern making game came with 4 strips with premade patterns on them.
Our strips had an AB pattern (green), ABB (blue). and ABC (red). and a create your own (purple).
There is so much reasoning and understanding that goes on when creating patterns and especially making your own.  Avaleigh has just recently become interested and is really understanding patterns, so we try to squeeze in pattern making whenever we can.
I hope you enjoyed seeing some ways to help your learner have fun while learning about their shapes.  If you would like to see more learning ideas, be sure to like our Facebook page
 I will try to do a GIVEAWAY on there soon <3.  
What are some of your favorite shape activities to do with your kiddos?

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