Writing with Shaving Cream

I’ll never forget my 3rd grade Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Carrier.
It was in her class that we practiced our spelling words every week with shaving cream.
I think it was on Wednesdays… could have been Tuesdays.  I might have forgotten the day,
but never what we did.
Today I had the privledge of watching my girl practice her letters in shaving cream.
I wonder if she will remember today 20+ years later.
Maybe.  I sure hope so.
Because we were studying reflections while studying the Aesop Fable of 
“The Dog and His Reflection”, Mother Goose Time (our preschool curriculum) suggested putting a mirror or aluminum foil down then placing a layer or shaving cream in order to write some Reflective Letters.
I bought these cardstock mirrors a few years ago off Amazon,  I have to admit I forgot I had them, and when I saw this activity, I went and dug them out.  They worked perfectly!
I separated some ABC cards I had into 4 groups based on how the capital letter is formed:
Vertical and horizontal lines only, 
Verticals with curves, 
Curved Letters
By only practicing a group at a time, it helped keep my girl’s finger moving in the same motion for a while.  So where she struggled, she was able to practice more and more since the next letter has the same type of lines.  This definitely helped limit frustrations- on both hers and my parts.


This activity took us at least 30 minutes if not longer.
She had a fantastic time playing in the cream, and so did I.
After we had completed our letter practice, she decided her dinosaur needed to be
“camouflaged” by the shaving cream.
I wonder if she will remember all our Mother Goose Time moments.
Even if she doesn’t, I am so glad I have them recorded here.


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