Preschool: Literacy Scavenger Hunt

We finished our dinosaur unit today with a literacy activity that Mother Goose Time sends each month.  It’s called Word Puzzles.  MGT sends some words with blanks for missing letters and using little word cards, the child recognizes which letter should go in the blank. 
How can you tie in dinosaurs into this activity?
Using the Teacher Guide, MGT suggested to remind learners that as the earth grew hotter and more plants died, many dinosaurs had to search for plants to eat.  So Avaleigh was going to act like a dinosaur and search for the missing letters hidden around the room,
 like the dinosaurs who searched for their food.  
First Avaleigh studied the big card and the corresponding little matching card.  She then told me what letter was missing.  I encouraged her to search for the missing letter in the room.  Lately, her favorite game is Hide and Seek so this was right up her ally.
After finding the missing letter, she placed it on the blank and practiced making that letter’s sound and then sounding out the word with my help.

Once we were done with our Literacy Scavenger Hunt,
Avaleigh practiced writing the words in her My Little Journal. 
She’s still into tracing letters, so I wrote all the words from our Scavenger Hunt game, and she worked on tracing over the letters.  I also drew a blank line next to each word, hoping that she would then try to write the word on her own… that did not work at all.  However, she did practice writing her own capital A and the letter V several times.   
Her finished page.
See that pointy creature with the one eye in the bottom right hand corner?
That’s a stegosaurus yall. <3
Avaleigh has just started drawing on her own. When I asked her what it was, she immediately got up and pointed to our Theme poster (pictured below) and told me “It’s a stegosaurus mommy.”
It sure is Sweet Pea.

What a fun unit this has been!
Now onto a Small World!
Make learning happy, friends!

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