Preschool Dinosaur Activities

Dinosaur Week!
This past week we studied 6 different dinosaurs with our Dinosaur Dig unit from Mother Goose Time.  We studied: Tyrannosaurs Rex, Brontosaurus, Stegasours, Triceratops, Mussaurus, and Pterodactyl.
Tyrannosaurs Rex

The first dinosaur we studied was of course T-Rex.  This day we received her My Little Journal and for the first time she wrote her name all on her own without tracing any letters!
She also worked on her pattern making skills when she made the T-Rex tooth necklace.
She chose to do a large tooth, straw piece, small tooth, straw piece pattern to complete her necklace.  
Patterns is something she is not strong in, but MGT supplies so many pattern making opportunities that I know she’ll get stronger and stronger in no time. 

Each day I try to emphasize the characteristic that is unique to that particular dinousaur.  For brontosaurs, Avaleigh and I discussed how his long neck is what makes him stand out. We found him on our thematic poster, and I questioned, “Why do you think the brontosaurs had a long neck?”
“Eat leaves,” was her response.  So we built a long neck using some of our building blocks from one of our previous MGT units creating a neck from our brontosaurs head to its oval shaped body.
 (which is our monthly shape) 
One thing that I have noticed about my girl, and I have known for a long time (thanks to MGT) is that she is very particular about making something look like the picture.  When she saw the picture of the Make and Play Bronosaurus, she had to get the same marker color to make it’s spots match. 
 She loves to match.  

In the Invitation to Create on Stegosaurus day, Avaleigh created a piece of abstract art.  Maybe if I had given her a 1/2 piece of the paper plate it might look more like a stegosaursus.  At least she had fun making her artwork.


Our 4th dinosaur to study was triceratops.
We received a stencil of a triceratops and a T-Rex to help make her Invitation to Create.  Instead of using the suggested paint, we whipped out the markers and she worked on tracing the outside edges of her stencil and coloring the dinosaur.  However, the punch out paper dinosaurs are her FAVORITE TOY right now!  She calls them the “Mothers” and all the dinosaur manipulatives we received are their babies. <3


Sorry for the blurry picture below.  On Mussaurus day, Avaleigh created a egg musical shaker and we practiced shaking it fast to music and slow trying to keep up with the tempo.  Mommy has no musical sense. 

The Pterodactyl was the last of the 6 dinos we studied and on this day we got to do our monthly puzzle from MGT.  These puzzles match the monthly book which is called Jurassic Jam and is all about dinosaurs and music.  Avaleigh has gotten better and better at being able to complete puzzles on her own and it’s wonderful getting a new one each month.

Look at that face of accomplishment!  She was so proud of herself for being able to do the puzzle all on her own.  

This was just 6 days out of the 20 bags we get from MGT!  So much fun, so many things to learn, and so many memories to be had.
Happy Dino Week!
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