What’s in the Experience God Pack? God is Just

Every month Sweet Pea and I learn another attribute about God with our Experience God pack from Mother Goose Time.  This month we are learning that 
as we study Genesis 2-3.
There are 2 packages we receive; a Teacher Guide and a Child Craft pack.
You only need one teacher guide pack, but you will need a child craft pack for each child. 
What’s in the packages?
Let me show you.
Teacher Pack:
The Teacher Guide comes packed with 20 different lessons and activities to help preschoolers grasp the concept being taught about God… in this case, the fact that GOD IS JUST.  These activities can easily be adapted to being done once a day, or you could use it for your preschool Sunday School class! Along with the guide, comes a memory verse poster, in this case it is Revelation 15:3, and 4 posters with the Bible story on the back.  This makes it very easy to hold up the poster and tell the kids the Biblical story. 

In every corner of the 20 activities in the Teacher Guide, is an EXPLAIN section to help you stay focused on what the child really needs to understand through the lesson.  This helps me keep our discussion on track during the activity and battle the millions of thoughts and questions my preschooler might have.  
Child Craft and Family Activity Pack
The Child Craft and Family Activity Pack comes with 4 crafts the kids can make that summarize what was covered each week.  For example, during week 1, we will study mostly on how God created Adam and what He asked Adam to do and be in charge of (name the animals and tend to the Garden of Eden).  So our craft is a turtle planter with seeds to make our own little garden! 

Also included in the Child Craft and Family Pack, are Family Newsletters with games that can easily be taken home to retell what was learned during the week.  On the back of these newsletters, is a coloring sheet.  I just make a copy of the coloring sheet using my scanner/printer, so that I can cut the games out and Sweet Pea and I can play and have her coloring sheet as well.  The newsletter gives great discussion starters to help at home and directions on how to play with the game cards that are on the front seen below. 

These lessons, crafts, and game ideas are perfect for preschoolers and Sweet Pea has learned so much!  Last month was all about Esther and how GOD ASK ME TO BE BRAVE which was a great lesson for my cautious girl.
As a Children’s Pastor who has looked into tons of different curriculum for kids, 
I have been so impressed with what Experience God has to offer! 
I love how we stay focused on one story for the entire month. (Genesis 2-3)
I love how we study one attribute of God for the whole month (JUST)
I love how my girl memorizes one verse for the month. (Rev 15:3)
And I am so thankful I can just open up the package and teach my girl about the God who loves and created her easily without digging out a million things. 
Be sure to check out Experience God through Mother Goose Time!
Happy Learning! 

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