Superhero Study: Speed

Superheroes can be known for a lot of things: strength, speed, invisibility, and so forth. 
Today with our Superhero Unit from Mother Goose Time we studied the quality of SPEED.
However, my girl is a cautious and quiet observer… she is definitely not known for her speed.
Our first activity was supposed to be about how fast the child could match the letters, 
but we accommodated it to Sweet Pea and her love of reading. 
Our manipulatives this month are upper case magnetic letters and magnet wands.
Sweet Pea worked on picking up one letter with the wand at a time and matching it to it’s lowercase counterpart.  She did a great job at this and only was a little confused by d and b… naturally.
This activity triggered her mind to remember her Dr. Seuss’s ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book! 
“Wait, mommy.  Wait!” 
She got up, ran to her bookshelf, and pulled out the book.
“Read Mommy.”
I love those little moments; the ones where I can see all the little connections her brain is making.
Here’s a little video I made of our activity in action.
Later that day, after Daddy came home, we talked about how some Superheroes are known for their speed.  Some wear special shoes to help them go fast.
In our Invitation to Create, we were supplied with some paper, a shoelace, and a colorful graphic of a variety of shoes in a circle formation.
Sweet Pea grabbed 2 of her favorite shoes and traced them on different colored papers.  She worked really hard on her cutting skills and trying to cut along her lines.  
Daddy ended up cutting one shoe out, but she did the other two with some help from him.
I love it when he gets to participate in her learning activities. 

As I watch her do some of these skills I wonder, would I even be allowing Sweet Pea to cut yet?
Honestly, probably not.
Mother Goose Time has really stretched me into providing learning opportunities for her I know I probably wouldn’t be doing yet otherwise.  So grateful for this curriculum, seeing my girl grow, and being pushed out of my comfort zone.
Happy Learning! 


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