Starry Night Sky

Please forgive the awful grainy and spotty pictures. My nice camera could not be used at the time, and my phone lens is shattered to high heaven which is why they look this way. #momlife

This camping theme from Mother Goose Time has some of Sweet Pea’s most favorite topics:
Bears, Stars, Racoons, Moon, and Pinecones are just a few and today we did our star activities.
She loves to change our Topic poster.  We talked about the stars and I asked her to place her finger on the brightest star which is what she is pointing to below. 
I explained that the star is called the North Star, and stars can make up designs in the sky called constellations.  It was time to do our Constellation activity. 
Sweet Pea didn’t make her own constellations, but we did the “Play” section from above and she really enjoyed matching all the stars and placing them in the correct spots.

When she finished the Constellation activity it was time to make her own starry night sky during our Invitation to Create
I gave her white tempra paint and instead of a paintbrush, MGT sent us a toothpick to make tiny dots on the paper.  I’m sure you can guess how long that lasted… 
like 3 dots maybe.  But fingers make great dots too, and sure enough, her fingers were in that paint. 

One thing I didn’t expect was how the white tempra paint would turn the blue paper purple in some areas.  It was a great galaxy look!  Love it!  Sweet Pea added glue and was anxious to put on the glitter.  I handed her a quarter teaspoon to pour the glitter with, which worked great and definitely good practice with coordination and fine motor skills.
But you know kids… it only lasts for so long before they get to pouring. 

A starry night galaxy sky.
These were the perfect quiet and peaceful activities we needed as we had a baby napping in our home while we did our Star Day activities.  Such a blessing to be able to just open a bag and be able to make, do, and most importantly learn.
Happy learning! 

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