Number Islands

At Alphabet Island, we do not only learn letters, we learn numbers too!
I love the foam puzzle manipulatives we received this month!
Pop out the numbers and put them in some water and now you have Number Islands!
Mother Goose Time sent us a pocket cube a year ago, and we placed some numbers in there.  Sweet Pea threw the cube and then found the matching number and pulled that island out of the water.

You can see the “one” on the pocket cube she rolled across the room, and when she went looking for the foam “one”, it was upside down.  She really focused on turning it to match.

It was a super easy game for Sweet Pea, so we stepped it up a notch, by switching our cube cards to actually look like a die.  After she threw the cube, she counted the dots and then found that number.  This was the perfect amount of challenge and fun for her. 

What really caught me off guard was how quickly Sweet Pea memorized the amount of dots representing a certain digit!  After a while, she no longer needed to count the dots, she would say, “Four!” or “Six!”  I definitely wasn’t expecting her to catch on that fast.

Kids are like sponges- soaking up so much so soon.
It makes me so much more aware of what I say and do.

I’m so thankful for all the fun learning experiences we get to share together.  <3

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