Tot School: Bug Sensory Bin

We’ve been exploring bugs this month.  I thought it would be a fun theme to make a sensory bin for Sweet Pea.  Here’s what we did…
First we read this awesome book that came with our Mother Goose Time unit.  Sweet Pea acted out some of the pages. 
Look Mom!  I can carry a blue car above my head too! 
I love it when we read and she has to get up because she relates to the words on the page.
After reading the story and observing the different bugs, we worked together to make the sensory bin.
We used:
  • plastic bug manipulatrives that came with our Mother Goose Time unit
  • 2 different bags of green pom poms I already had
  • popsicle sticks with flowers glued onto the end (I’ve had these flowers for years in my craft stash)
  • an egg carton turned upside down and slits cut into the egg holders so bugs and flowers could fit
  • plastic bridge and pot from some outdoor stuff we own
  • plastic tongs from Hobby Lobby we already had.  Perfect to help with fine motor skills!

Cost of bin= $0.00!

It’s all items I already had at home.  
See what you already have before you head to the store.

Pinto beans would be great filler too!

I love how she worked with her tongs to squeeze the bugs and pom poms. 
She plays with this bin just about every day.  I just keep it out for her to enjoy whenever she feels like checking it out.  Sweet Pea has gotten so good at using these tongs.  This is a great step before using tweezers, which I am hoping to introduce soon.
We love all the awesome things that come with our Mother Goose Time box, and I love to find all sorts of ways to use what they have blessed us with!
If you want to order the book ($7.99) or bug set ($19.99) check out this link
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