1, 2 Buckle My Shoe

1, 2 Buckle my shoe
3,4 Shut the door
5,6 Pick up sticks
7,8 Lay them straight
9,10 Do it again!

We are absolutely LOVING this month’s Nursery Rhyme Unit from Mother Goose Time!
Each day we learn a new little rhyme with motions to go with it.
This rhyme was on our 2nd day, but Sweet Pea keeps coming back to it- she loves to act it out. 
My teacher guide gave some great examples of what to do with learning this rhyme.
“5,6 Pick up sticks”
The first thing we did was go outside to “pick up sticks” and other nature items.  We collected 6 of each throughout our yard, and then “laid them straight” on our driveway.  I sang the rhyme to Sweet Pea as we scavenged for our collection.  Even Peyton, our golden retriever, helped. 
(acutally he provided entertainment as we watched him chase a squirrel)

6 sticks, acorns, pine cones, acorn caps, more pine cones, and black walnuts.

We sat in our driveway and watched the squirrel dig searching for nuts from our oak trees.  We got to watch him nibble on some, and then almost die, because that squirrel would not run from Peyton, and my dog was excited about a new chew toy. 
” Momma, chase!”
After being outside for a good while, it was time to head indoors for our 
“3, 4 Shut the door”
Mother Goose Time sends us the most beautiful graphics and fun supplies for kids to create with.
Because we do these Invitations so often, Sweet Pea has become great at knowing what and what not to do with the paint. I know painting with toddlers is a daunting task, but I PROMISE you the results are so worth the risk!  We use these finger paints and when they mix they produce some beautiful colors.

The sponges were great to try out stamping with the paint, and it really left some interesting results. 
MGT sent the 3 sponges to be used as paint brushes, and I provided a real paintbrush, but eventually Sweet Pea always returns to her favorite method of painting… fingers.
This was only day 2!  I can’t wait to see what the rest of the month has in store.
Be sure the check back on MONDAY for a MGT Manipulative Giveaway!
Until then…Happy Rhyming!
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