Cooking Confessions: Making Messes and Memories

In our monthly kits from Mother Goose Time, we get a “Giving Gosling” and “Friendship Feathers” each month.  They always have to do with a character trait that you want kids to be instilled with.  Last month the word was “Thankful” and this month’s is “Respectful“.  We don’t do much with the supplies they send us (feathers and duckling), but my mind started turning into how to use them during this holiday season.  Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to show respect and thankfulness to one of our favorite community helpers… our mail carrier
We decided to make the mailman some cookies and leave them in the mailbox.  I bought just a tube of sugar cookie dough at the grocery store…  you know the kind you can slice and place on the cookie sheet? I had the great idea of Sweet Pea coloring sugar cookies with food coloring and water, but between the stabbing of the dough and the color not showing up, this was an EPIC FAIL.  
So we tried something different…
But first she had to cut out some letters using our Mother Goose Time letter cookie cutters.

After cutting a few letters, we decided to try sprinkles!  I had red, yellow, and orange- perfect for the Thanksgiving holiday! 
Quick tip #1: Check the holes that the sprinkles come out of before giving to your toddler unless you want to lose the whole bottle while getting your camera ready…

Take that fuzzy camera shot as you gasp while watching your toddler pour the entire bottle of sprinkles out through the lens of your camera.  EPIC FAIL.
Quick tip #2: Instead of using the sprinkle bottles, put some sprinkles in a bowl and toddlers can work on their fine motor skills by scooping sprinkles with with a 1/4 teaspoon.
Sweet Pea cut out letters for her and we made regular sugar cookies for our mailman and decorated them with sprinkles.

Quick Tip #3: Sugar cookies spread big time!  Give them some space or it will look like this and you will debate if the circle ones are mailman worthy in the mess that they are in.

Quick tip #4:  If you end up with enormous cookies because your slices were too thick and you try to remove them off the cookie sheet while they are hot, they will break into all sorts of pieces unless you have a spatula that is like 6 inches wide.  
Then you will really think, “We can’t give these to the mailman! Hmmm… there goes my nap… I’ll make him more cookies during nap time.”  
So let them cool while on the cookie sheet.

Here’s a little video of us reviewing the letters after they baked.
I made 5 new cookies during her nap, giving them lots of space on the cookie sheet and not making giant thick slices.

I found our Thankful feathers from last month, some clear bags and ribbon in my stash of craft supplies and put the gift together while Sweet Pea napped.

Aren’t those feathers perfect!  At this point we have feathers that say “Loving,” “Thankful,” and “Respectful.”  When she woke up, we took our special delivery to our mailbox.  This little activity, even with all it’s messes and mishaps, was perfect in combining all 3 of those words.
And the memories we made we absolutely the best.

Much to be thankful for this year! 
Happy Thanksgiving yall!
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