A Peek into Our Space and Our Circle Time Board

so this board and I…
this board and I are working on our relationship.
We have gone round and round, and we shall see who come out with the win.
What had happened was…
My mother in law gave me this beautiful felt board!  I needed a water look for our Circle Time Board, so naturally, I chose to use this beautiful board that was FREE and not being used in my house.
I used washi tape (big mistake) to adhere everything to the felt board.  I love the layout of this! 
So Beautiful! Can’t wait for Sweet Pea to see it! Oh wait, she’s waking up from her nap let me go get her.
And when I came back after getting her up… this.  This is what I came back to… ugh.


So I went down the street to Walmart to see what adhesives
 I should try that wouldn’t destroy the felt board.
I settled on these bad boys, plus some sticky tack that I had at my house.  That double sided tape..
yeah, it didn’t work, and there to the left… the poster tape… although, I do think it’s a good product,
it didn’t work well on my felt board.  Sticky tack and mounting tape are what worked.
Looks GREAT! Except now that I am looking at it on my computer, there is a CLOUD IN THE WATER!
*sigh* ugh…
that will have to be fixed in round 3 which will happen after I post this entry.
You win rounds 1 and 2 board… but I will have you know
3rd time is the CHARM!

Just keepin it real people. 🙂

Okay, so in the end, here is what our Mother Goose Time Space looks like
(which takes place mainly in my breakfast room)

I need to think about removing the table altogether (I think), but this is where we regularly eat.  We have a formal dining area that just is basically a catch all right now.  But we could eat in there.
If I get rid of this table, then we have more room to play.  Thoughts?
Each day, I let Sweet Pea add another date to the calendar.  It really is helping with her coordination.  Time stood still for us the week of the 16th so that is why there are no dates on there.  That post is for another time. 
Sweet Pea’s work little table that daddy built and our neighbor gave us these chairs!
I promise… I do buy stuff.  But I am a pack rat too…
This buffet houses a bunch of Sweet Pea’s manipulatives and fun items inside.  On top are bins where I organize our items by the day.  My girl loves to press the buttons on the CD player and play the Science Lab CD.

For more information on how I organize all the wonderfulness that comes in the Mother Goose Time box, check out this post.

So this is how we will start our TOT SCHOOL School year next week!
Wish me luck on round 3, and what are your thoughts on the table? 
Keep? Remove?

2 thoughts on “A Peek into Our Space and Our Circle Time Board

  1. You can use Velcro to attach posters to the felt board. I would laminate the posters and all the pieces first before attaching the Velcro. What about making your formal dining room a play area and you can use a kitchen table for art projects and eating with your family.

  2. That's a good idea too Svetlana! I did laminate all my materials and I thought about velcro, but I was scared of destroying the felt board. If it falls down again though, I am going to take you up on that suggestion 🙂

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