Sensory Easter Eggs

Sweet Pea is 19 months, and it is like her brain is a dry sponge just ready to soak up any and all things placed around her.  She’s grasping things faster than I expected, and I am so enjoying making these Tot Trays to challenge her into learning new things.
Easter is around the corner, and here in Texas, we didnt have winter.  We’ve had a most enjoyable spring that sprung like a month ago.  The azaleas are starting to bloom, the leaves are budding on the trees, and I am just aching for rainbows of color to blow up in my house!  I LOVE COLOR!  
I wonder if Sweet Pea will also have a love of all things colorful.  Well with that being stated, please allow me to tell you about what we did.  I found some plastic Easter eggs in the garge (please tell me you do too) and I filled each set with a matching sound.  The blue eggs are filled with rice; purple=paperclip; green=cap; yellow= 3 pennies; orange= dry black beans; and pink= sugar.
I filled each egg about 1/3 of the way, snapped them shut, and tapped around the seam with clear tape.  Now Sweet Pea can match them by color, by sound (later on), and she has 12 new maracas!  She loves to shake them, hand them off to me, and then dance while I shake them.  We have a blast!!


I love the fact that this sensory activity is so focused on sound!  She just loves hearing the different eggs and will hold one next to her ear and shake it.  She’s so much fun.  I am overwhelmed by God’s grace watching her learn.

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Happy Tot Schooling!

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  1. I hope they have fun Dani! Hopefully it keeps them all sorts of entertained! 🙂 They could even hide them afterwards… I might need to do that too! 🙂

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