Making Art in My Bible.

I always wanted to be an Art Teacher.  I knew in high school that that was what “I wanted to be when I grew up.”  I went to college and graduated with my Art Teaching Degree in 2004, but I could never find that art position until 2008.  For those 4 years, I was in a dry spell.  I crafted every now and then, but actually making art… nope.  When I taught art in 2008-09 and in 2013-14, I could brush up on my art skills, but when I taught other subjects, I just didn’t have time to “make art.”

But I don’t want to go through that dry spell again.  Making art is a gift from God, and it is something I need to keep practicing.  Its something I love to do and can inspire others with.  I need to make time for it.
So how does a SAH Mom, part time Children’s Pastor, and school volunteer make time for art?  Well I combine things that I love…reading God’s Word, my daughter, and art. 
My husband bought me this Bible (ESV double column journaling Bible) for Mother’s Day in 2015. It was also the same day that we dedicated our daughter to the Lord in church… aka Parent/Baby Dedication day.  It was such a beautiful book! I didn’t want to just fill it with things for myself.  I honestly felt selfish doing that.  So I decided that I would journal to my little girl.  I would draw pictures for her and write to her in the margins what I wanted her to understand from God’s Word.
There is a huge Bible Journaling community.  If you are interested, you should just google it, but that is seriously overwhelming.  Or check out the Illustrated Faith site…. Ahhhhhmazing!
The above picture is what I journaled to my girl today. It’s from Exodus 15, and the first5 app is what inspired my writing. In Exodus 15, the Israelites immediately praise God for saving them from the Egyptians, only to immediately grumble about Him and His lack of provision in the desert.  When I first read this, I thought “Wow, they forget so quickly!”  But that’s me too!  So many times God has provided for me, and when a tough time comes about, I grumble and wonder if God is going to/wants to/will provide.  This passage is a reflection of me.  
God always provides.  It may not be how I imagined it or desired it, but He always provides. He is a good, good Father.  

I am sharing this post on Tara’s awesome blog 4th Grade Frolics.  I’m sure you may have seen her site, but if you haven’t head on over there!

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