Big Lebowski Baby Shower

 My best friend, Marcie, is prego with “Baby Bean,” and she is absolutely in love with the movie
 The Big Lebowski

If you love Seinfeld, you will probably like this movie (there is a LOT of cussing though), but it’s a movie about nothing really…. a man who loves bowling, gets his identity mixed up with another man named Lebowski, has his favorite rug stolen, ends up becoming a hired agent in a ransom deal that goes wrong… and the list goes on. It’s pretty funny though. 

Anyway….. I took the bowling aspect of this movie and ran with it for the baby shower.

I even went to the local bowling alley in my town and asked if I could buy a bowling pin.  They didn’t have one for sale, BUT they gave me a used one for FREE!!! I just repainted it and had everyone write a little message to the little Bean. 

I forgot to get a pic of the signed pin! Grrr…. but the blocks are the due date.

I wanted a relaxed environment, where guests could mingle, craft, and play games, but didn’t have to if they didn’t want to.  (and none of the boring baby games…or gross ones.)  We had:

  • Wii bowling.  This was especially fun for and with the 4 year old little girl who came to the shower.
  • Onesie Making.  This was AWESOME!!!!  A lot of people who came were graphic designers or had some craftiness to them so that helped with the success, but one thing I made sure to do was to bring lots of iron-ons.  All guests could feel successful and decorate easily with iron-ons.  Painting was just an extra option.
Lots of iron-ons and steam a seam! That stuff is awesome!
More iron-ons and stencils I made with my Cricut..which no one needed…. to crafty for stencils 🙂    
I love this little Viking!  Iron- on that Melissa painted in using fabric pens!
Onesie Making time (lots of space required)
  • Bowling Alley Food.  This consisted of Frito Pie, cheese and crackers, cupcakes decorated with bowling theme, chocolate covered pretzels, and little pizzas made on pita bread.  YUM!! Sorry I forgot to take pics of all the food. 
The little trophy was filled with nerds and had Champ written on it.
Loved the fun straws!  Just plopped them into a little paper popcorn holder with permanent markers so everyone could write their names on the cups.

The pins were wood shapes I found at Hobby Lobby.  I just painted them white (except the part that touched the food) and used a red permanent marker to make the stripes.  A gobstopper is the bowling ball.

I need one of those bumper stickers that says “My time and my money go to Hobby Lobby.”  Kinda similar to the ones that say, “My son and my money go to A&M.”  Yep…. I need that bumper sticker…

Anyway, I was able to buy all the fabric (1/2 yards was PLENTY), iron-ons, paint, onesies, and all the onesie making stuff at Hobby Lobby, along with the carnival looking decorations.  It was the closest thing I could find to a bowling alley. 

By the end of the shower, Marcie not only had a ton of gifts, by 10 new onesies, all hand crafted especially for Bean.  We laid them all out and took a vote to give a prize to the winner:

Iron on and colored in with fabric markers
Fabric with Steam a Seam and iron on letters

Fabric ironed on with Steam a Seam with paint outline
Iron on rocket with paint
Used Create a Monster Iron on but cut the green body to make a tic-tac-toe board.  TOO Creative!!!
Hand drawn and colored in with fabric markers.  Paint outline

Fabric ironed on with Steam a Seam
Little Viking hat that went with the onesie! Meant to be!

iron on
Fabric with Steam a Seam and outlined in paint
The winner was the black onesie with the tic-tac-toe board.  So adorable!  It was an awesome shower!! If you are wondering what to do, I definitely recommend doing this!  Iron-on is the way to go for sure!!!
Happy Baby Shower Time!!!

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