A Special Honor and My Top 10

I have been outta town this weekend and finally got on the internet tonight.  I was so surprised and honored to find out that…..

 Thanks soooooo much Jen at Rundle’s Room and Pam at Vintage Teacher for nominating me 🙂  Yall really made my day!!!!
So in honor of getting this awesome award, I too am making my top 10 list.
In the beginning, one of the first blogs I followed was:

Sydney is sooo creative and has the kindest words.
Tara referred me to become a contributor on Create Share Inspire and has inspired some of my ideas
Jen has awesome ideas!!!

Another blog I love to grab ideas from is from
Pam at Vintage Teacher!!!

Mary has really helped me figure out stations in my math class.

Guided Math

Rebecca is one of my teaching buddies on Create Share Inspire but here is the link to her teaching blog.
Create Teach Share

Ashleigh has awesome ideas to share and pics that inspire me.
Ashleigh's Education Journey

Denise started me on Linky Parties and has lots of great tips!

Last but not least… Light a Candle is truly inspirational.

Any blogger can give this award to those that make you smile!

1. Just write a blog post proudly displaying your Top 10. Make sure that they do not already have an award.  (I too broke this rule)…
2. Contact these bloggers by leaving them a comment with 2 links– a link to your blog’s Top 10 post AND this post’s link-http://bit.ly/rtHPbL  so they can grab the fantastic award button below.

If you have been nominated by a fellow blogger, please grab your award below and enjoy posting it proudly on your fantastic, award-winning blog!

1. Remember to thank and link back to the person who gave you this award. 

2. Award 10 favorite or recently discovered great teaching blogs and mention why you’ve chosen them! Make sure they do not already have an award. 
3. Contact these bloggers by leaving them a comment with a link to your blog’s Top 10 post link AND don’t forget to tell them about this fantastic award button in this TBA post link – http://bit.ly/rtHPbL – Have fun affirming one another! 

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