What was I so worried about???

This past summer I had been flipping out over teaching 6th graders.

  • Were they going to have that dreaded “attitude”?
  • Can I still give high-fives or will they think I am stupid?
  • Will they still want to get on the carpet and read with me?
  • Will they get my jokes?
  • Could I possibly love them as much as I did my 4th graders?

Lots of questions and concerns were put to rest after this first week:)  I LOVE THEM!!!! They laugh at my jokes (more often than my 4th graders…. probably b/c they understand them), they give me high-fives in the morning, and say “Hi Mrs. Johnstone,”  they got on the carpet the 1st day and let me read to them!!! AND….even better…. they commented on the pictures and story!!!!! Last but not least I have hardly come into contact with the “adolescent attitude” that scared me so much!

These kids are just like my 4th graders… just in bigger bodies, and I am loving teaching them!

Wish I had more to post about… but that’s about it!  🙂  Hopefully I will get some kinda craft stuff going this week!


2 thoughts on “What was I so worried about???

  1. Sixth graders are my favorite age to work with. They are old enough to be independent and young enough to want to please you. But in all fairness they do have their moments later on in the year when puberty starts setting in. LOL

  2. I am hoping that puberty by passes my bunch til next year 🙂 I know wishful thinking. You are completely right—they are independent but still want to do the right thing:) Praying that I continue to love it!

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