Mission Organization: Tables

This year I have tables.  The past 2 years I have had desks that worked beautifully; however, bigger kids need bigger spaces.  Don’t get me wrong….I LOVE my tables compared to the normal “junior high desks”.  You know the one with the basket at the bottom that you have to slide into with the arm on one side.  How can you do Science experiments with those?!?  If you are able to… my hat is off to you!!!!

One issue with tables is defining whose space is whose.  One way to avoid the dreaded, “So and So is on my side!!!” whining, is to buy colorful duct tape.  I bought this roll at Staples. They even come in ZEBRA stripe!!

Then slap some down the middle of your table.

Now there are 4 defined areas.  Even better…. there is a designated spot in the middle for all the community supplies to live.  Now everyone has equal access to the supplies.

This also defines who can work with who.  “Work with your partner sitting across from you,” or “Work with the neighbor next to you.”

I also placed  stickers on the side of each table. That way one person is green, one is yellow, one is red, and the other is blue. I placed some tape on top to help prevent those grubby fingers from picking off my stickers 🙂

I just call out whatever color I want to go get whatever or to start the lab experiment or to line up….

Tune in tomorrow for another tip on where to put all their stuff when you have absolutely NO STORAGE!!

Hope you all are having a happy back to school week!!!

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