New {School} Year’s Resolutions

There is a linky party going on… and Clutter-Free Classroom is hosting!

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My school year resolutions:

1) Figure out and implement Math Stations for 6th graders.  I have done a lot of training on differentiated instruction and math centers for the middle school room.  Hopefully I can make this happen.

2) Use music in the classroom for transitions between stations and during class.  I’m going to set up my IPod dock and hook my phone up to it and down load simple songs to it.  I also hope to use some power teaching strategies too.

3) Leave the school before 5!!!  Living 30 minutes away means I can’t spend all night up at the school house…. Lord knows I could though! 🙂

4) Use more technology… even though I only have one computer and no smart board, I want to try to use our computer lab at least twice a month for using Web 2.0 tools.  Hopefully the dual credit classes wont use the lab all the time. 🙂

5) Have more fun with the kids!!!

3 thoughts on “New {School} Year’s Resolutions

  1. I love this!! Now I wish I taught older kids so we could do this! I also love all of your scrapbook paper and sticky spray! We are going to make the notebooks for writing journals this year.


  2. Mrs. Gray-

    Thanks for your sweet comment! I bet your little ones could do the "class- Yes" and maybe the turn and talk, but I dont know your grade… Im going to your blog in just a minute 🙂

    Have fun with the jounals!! I have a linky party going on about them. There is a great poetry one on the linky page.

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