Peek Inside: Baby Animals Box

I know I know… it’s Christmas Eve. It’s the holidays and we know how fast time flies especially this last week of December. January will be here in a blink. Fortunately we received our January Experience Preschool box early (and I opened it and explored it early) , and I thought it might be helpful […]

Tot School: Animal Babies and Eggs

 Egg Day continues! We just had so much fun studying animals that hatch from eggs using our Mother Goose Time materials.  I prepared a game for Sweet Pea based on “Waiting for the Hatch” game supplied in the Teacher Guide by MGT .  It consisted of cards that had an image of the animal egg […]

Lessons From Anansi

It’s our last week with out Fables & Folktales box from Experience Early Learning, and I am really sad about it! We had so much fun learning through stories from Aesop, like The Crow and the Pitcher and The Ants and the Grasshopper, and ventured with Paul Bunyan as we learned about American Tall Tales. […]

Paul Bunyan Activities for Little Learners

This month is all about Folktales & Fables with our learning box from Experience Early Learning. We spent the last 2 weeks playing and learning life lessons from some of Aesop’s most famous fables like The Crow and the Pitcher and The Ant and the Grasshopper. This week we moved into one of the biggest […]

Art & Trees Inspired Lessons

June and July will be filled with learning adventures provided by our Experience Early Learning EcoVenture box. Want to know what’s in the box? Read this post! Our first week has been all about Trees and we have loved every minute! We have done activities about Climbing Tress, Building with Trees, Counting in Trees, Writing […]

Arctic Fox Fun

In our Ice Castles box from Experience Early Learning, we have learned all about animals we find in the coldest climates including Penguins, Polar Bears, Snow Leopards, and the beautiful Arctic Fox. We discussed why the arctic fox has white fur (camouflage) and what it would be trying to hide from (polar bears), and also […]

Learning all about Snow Leopards

Our Ice Castle box from Experience Early Learning has been loaded with awesome learning adventures and Snow Leopard day did not disappoint! Math I love to start our day of learning with a book or video or even both! We watched this YouTube video and learned all sorts of facts about Snow Leopards including that […]